How to invest in the stock market in Switzerland for beginners (program 100% Swiss)

Last updated:: May 14, 2023

I take you by the hand to show you how to invest
in the stock market in just 30 minutes per quarter!

Earn money in the stock market Switzerland

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Alumni of the Swiss Investor program

“Simple and effective! Especially when you have little time, but you know the importance of not letting your money sleep. This training allows you to acquire the necessary tools to take your first steps in ETF investment in Switzerland! Thank you Marc!”

Motivated young Swiss. Wants to make their savings grow.

You didn’t arrive on this blog by chance.

You too are interested in aiming for financial independence at the age of 40 in Switzerland.

And you’ve got it right: your CHF savings have to make babies if you ever want to stop working for money.

Whatever your ultimate motivations are (to be the master of your agenda forever, to do humanitarian work, to travel slowly around the world, etc.), it involves investing your money so that it generates returns that allow you to be financially free.

Motivated young Swiss. But scared of the stock market.

When I caught the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) bug in 2013, I started with the easiest and least complicated thing: making a budget and reducing my expenses!

Except that once I did, I had to face one of my biggest fears: investing in the stock market.

All the blogs I read converged in this sense: if you don’t want to spend hours building a business or managing a rental property, the only solution left with decent return…well it’s… the stock market 😅

Suffice it to say that it took me several months to break my glass ceiling and my beliefs that the stock market was very complicated and very risky.

Thank you to my family circle and my conservative education concerning financial investments…

You know, Dad’s famous phrase: “Anyway, there is only stone or at worst a blocked savings account to keep your savings on the long term!”

I went through every possible and unimaginable mental state…

Imagine losing all our savings overnight? We won’t have to work until we’re 65, but until 95!

I was freaked out… in full-blown fear of the stock market…

And Mrs. MP will never accept that we put our savings to work in the stock market, if I myself can’t explain how it works…

And then one sunny day in September, in a burst of courage, I decided to check it out for myself.

I opened my online brokerage account, waited a few days for it to be activated, then bought my first ETF.

“Yeah! It wasn’t that hard actually, just a little cryptic but that’s okay…” I said to myself with a bragging look towards the me of a few weeks before.

But this euphoria did not last long…

A month and a half later, I learned that the broker I had chosen was not at all optimal in terms of fees…

Their marketing had worked well, and I had been fooled like a newbie…

As for my ETF, I realized after a few months that it was not at all going to provide me with returns as great as I had imagined…


“Whoa, whoa, whoa, take it easy MP, will ya! I lost you the moment you mentioned brokerage (isn’t that a real estate term?!) and d’Etea-efe. Can you please speak English??”You who read these lines

Oops, yeah, you’re right!

I understand your frustration, because that’s exactly what I used to tell myself when I was talking to colleagues about the stock market back when it was like a black box…

MP at your disposal, don't worry!

Earn money in the stock market Switzerland

Jargon is the number one enemy that keeps you from getting into the stock market.

That, and all the marketing that’s out there on the web…

Especially since the best platforms and financial investments don’t need to solicit people because they already have enough customers… so you end up with the least good solutions when you search “how to invest in the stock market” on Google…

And I’m not even talking about the bankers and insurers who, when they see your bank account exceed a certain amount, call you to try to sell you all sorts of products, each one more rotten than the next!

This whole journey has taken me several years myself. From 2013 to 2016 to be precise.

But after long wanderings and beginner’s mistakes, I had read enough books and blogs to understand what to invest in (and especially why!), and via what means.

And so, since 2016, I’ve been investing every month while understanding what I’m doing, and still sleeping soundly.

I have to date CHF 320,000 working for me every minute, even while I’m sleeping. And my long-term return target is 6-8% annually.

Make money in the stock market Switzerland

All this allows me to finally not depend on dishonest bankers and insurers to manage my investments. I can rely on the person who is most aligned with my own interests: myself!

I guarantee you this:

The testimonial of an alumni of the 'Swiss Investor Program' (17.03.2022)

How to invest in the stock market in Switzerland,
Your action plan:

  1. Choose the package that suits you (see below)
  2. Receive immediately by e-mail the 1st chapter of the program (the following ones will come at a regular interval, by e-mail too)
  3. Follow step by step each of the detailed stages
  4. Invest your first CHF in the stock market (send me a screenshot so we can celebrate it virtually!!)
  5. See your net worth increase over the long term (via the increase in value of your securities, as well as the dividends you will receive 💰)

I guarantee you:

Choose from 3 packages:

Package "Essential" - CHF 69

For the investor who knows the main principles of the stock market, and who wants to reassure themselves with concrete examples of portfolios.


  • 📈 Concrete examples of ETF portfolios for each type of investor risk profile
  • 🙋🏻‍♀️ Summary of why I chose stock and bond ETFs over other ways to invest in the stock market
  • 🔍 List of existing risk profiles and the investments that fit them well

You will be able to choose your package, and check your purchase.

Package "Complete" - CHF 297

For the motivated Swiss who has no idea how to proceed, but who is determined to invest his first Swiss Francs in the stock market in the next few weeks!

All the contents of the "Essential" Package + 12 chapters applicable immediately, including

  • The basics of the stock market that you absolutely must know before jumping in, without jargon or blabla
  • What investment strategy to choose when you are a beginner in Switzerland?
  • Which ETFs to choose, and more importantly how to do it?!
  • How do you define your risk profile as an investor so you can sleep soundly?
  • Concrete example of an ETF portfolio that I myself would use for each type of investor risk profile
  • Ultra-quick guide to choose the right online broker for your situation
  • Complete online brokerage account opening tutorial
  • Step-by-step guide to buy your first stock in the stock market

All this with my usual humor, without any headaches, and with good vibes!

You can click here to see the details of the 12 chapters.

You will be able to choose your package, and check your purchase.

Package "Personalized" - CHF 759

For the investor who is sure to take the plunge, but knows that he or she will need to be reassured just before taking the plunge.

All the contents of the "Complete" package + you will also get:

  • Access to a dedicated MP email address to send me all the info about your situation (including your fears and doubts!)
  • Confirmation of your strategy and choice of ETFs from me
  • I will also tell you the portfolio that I would opt for in your place if I were in the same situation as you

Think of this package as having access to someone you can trust and who knows what they're doing, and who you'll have access to at the most stressful time of a stock market purchase: the time when you're about to click to invest several hundred or thousands of CHF of your own savings in an ETF.

You will have the possibility to verify your purchase.

What you don't want...

If you're serious about learning how to invest in the stock market, then you want to avoid making the same mistakes I did:

  • Wait several years before starting, and lose the opportunity to earn tens of thousands of CHF!
  • Choosing the wrong online broker who charges you exorbitant fees...
  • Buying the wrong stocks on the stock market (with too many fees too!), and having to sell them at a loss when you realize you made a mistake...
  • Follow the strategy proposed by your bank "advisor" (or worse your insurer!), and get you to buy his funds so cool and nice, with the bonus of his Porsche all expenses paid (for him, not for you!)

What you want: to understand what you are doing & create options for yourself

This program is another step towards your early retirement at 40 in Switzerland.

One stock market investment at a time!

Investing in the stock market passive income dividends

Some participants have aspirations other than a very early retirement, such as creating a safety cushion, or providing a legacy for their children.

But it doesn't matter what your goal is, because in the end, what we all want is: create options for ourselves thanks to the financial freedom of passive income in CHF.

I guarantee you: if you follow and implement each of my steps, you will have put your first CHF in the stock market at the end of this program. Otherwise I'll give you a full refund!

And you don't need a Master's degree in Economics or a diploma from the EPFL to build your net worth through stock market investments in Switzerland.

I am living proof of that ;)

You, motivated young Swiss, in exactly 39 days

Today, in addition to being scared to death of the stock market, you’re completely screwed because you don’t have any information that you understand to start investing in the stock market.

You don’t know how to answer the question of “how to invest your money so that it makes babies, even while you’re sleeping”. And you really want to!

In exactly 39 days, after following and applying my step-by-step program, you will be that person who has successfully invested in the stock market in Switzerland.

Your acquaintances will wonder how you managed to get into the closed circle of stock market investing?

“You’ ve got an MBA or what?! Ah but no, actually, you won the lottery, right…?”


You just knew how to find the right keys, and put the necessary energy into it.

Detailed content of the
"Swiss Investor Program"

Investing stock market Switzerland - Detailed program 'Swiss Investor Program'

You will have the possibility to check your purchase.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much do you need to start investing?

I would say at least 100-200 CHF.

How much time does your program require per week (during these 39 days)?

Between 1 and 4 hours per week depending on the chapter.

What does this program actually consist of?

You receive the slides of each of the twelve chapters at an optimized interval so that you have time to complete all the exercises without stress.

​Each chapter contains all the information in a succinct and precise manner, without jargon, and above all without useless blabla.

​At the end of each chapter, you have a practical and useful exercise to create your first portfolio and buy your very first ETF!

If it's so easy to invest in the stock market, that means that even my grandmother could follow your program?!

Clearly!!! I guide you from the explanation of what the stock market is (like the basics you absolutely need to know), to the answer to *"What should I invest in?"*, to taking you by the hand to open your brokerage account and buy your first stock!

So yes, tell grandma to sign up too!

A friend told me that she also invests her 3a pillar money in ETFs to put her savings to work when she sleeps. She mentioned VIAC I think. Do you know about it? Do you cover this topic in your program?

Yes and yes :)

Is there anything else to pay for (besides the program registration itself) afterwards?

​No, nothing more. All the tools I'm going to show you are free — including your online brokerage account :)

Are there any recommended prerequisites for this program such as basic knowledge of economics, or "be prepared to invest CHF XXX upon completion of the program", etc.?

No, that's actually the purpose of the course to cover this basic knowledge.

​And concerning the amount, I would say that if you have around 100-200CHF to invest, it is already worth it. Because the goal is to understand and know how to do it, so that you feel confident to invest savings in the future.

I am a complete beginner in the "Mustachian" environment, are there any steps to take before considering learning to invest in the stock market?

Before you start investing, I recommend the following:

  1. Pay all your debts
  2. Plan for next month's and annual bills
  3. Build a safety cushion for any emergency situation
  4. Fill your 3a pillar to the max to save as much tax as possible
  5. Start investing in the stock market!

I have already opened an account with Interactive Brokers 1 month ago. But I haven't invested anything yet.
I have some stock market knowledge, but no knowledge of how to invest (which stocks? dividend stocks or those that are potentially highly rated? etc.).
Will your program suit me, or am I too advanced?

According to what you describe to me, you are in the target of the program.
You will have already covered the second to last chapter (opening a brokerage account), but the other 11 will be very useful!

As usual, I only write and review things that I use in my personal daily life, or that I trust.

Thank you for reading!