Step by step ebook on "How to reach Financial Independence in Switzerland"

Either you’re a french student dreaming of Switzerland as the European eldorado. Or you’re a thirty something starting his family who wonder how to build wealth with young children. Or maybe you’re just single and want to be rich enough to be financially independent by 40.

Whichever category you fit in, this ebook is for you!
You, the person who thinks life is too long to be boring, and that financial independence is the only real way to achieve your dreams!

I’ll share with you all my tips from how I invest on the stock market to how I raise a family of four on less than a CHF 750 of groceries bill per month.
I’ll reveal all of our figures from our Swiss salaries to our holiday expenses.

You want to know how I reach a 35% savings rate per month? (yes I do have a wife and two very young children).
Haven’t yet a family? You can change the figure to be minimum 50% savings rate!

Still looking for a path to become financially independent?

Look, I’m currently writing my ebook. The final price will be CHF 19.99 once it’s published.

By filling the form below, you basically tell me:

Hey MP, I want to start building wealth and stashing my cash to be financially independent in 10 years.
As I’m an early fan of your blog and ebook, what about you make a special price for me?
Like CHF 7.99? Deal?

And my answer is:

Deal! Only because it’s you mate!

I want to know and follow the Swiss path to financial freedom. For CHF 7.99, that’s our deal!

As usual, I only write and review things that I use in my personal daily life, or that I trust.

Thank you for reading!