The number of blogposts growing more and more, I noticed that it was hard to keep an overview of all the great tools that I use in my life in order to increase my wealth. That's why I grouped them all on this page.

Personal finance in Switzerland

Bank Cler Zak

Zak is my 100% free Swiss online bank. You are entitled to CHF 50 of welcome cash by using my special code "SOZAK1" in their app (read my detailed article to understand my choice).

Another alternative that may better suit you is the Swiss online bank Neon which I have compared with Zak in this article. I also negotiated you CHF 10 of welcome cash if you use the code "mustachian" during the account opening process with them.

Cumulus MasterCard and Revolut

My Swiss credit card system allows me to earn CHF 200 in cash back per year, and save CHF 4 for every CHF 100 spent in foreign currency.

And that's without mentioning the fact that these two credit cards are free, which allows us to save another CHF 100 per year compared to other banking institutions.

In summary:

  1. The Cumulus MasterCard from Migros Bank is 100% free and with the best cash back program in Switzerland. By ordering it with this link you earn in addition CHF 30 welcome points
  2. The Revolut to pay the lowest exchange fees for your online and overseas purchases. You get free card delivery if you use this link!

I explain my credit card system in detail in this article.

YNAB: take control of your budget

YNAB (aka. You Need A Budget), it is the tool I have been using since 2013 and which has enabled me to grow my net worth from CHF 50'000 to CHF 380'000 in 5 years (see the full article).


Interactive Brokers: invest in the stock market!

If you want to be financially free one day and never have to work for money again, there are not a thousand solutions: you have to invest your cash!

Interactive Brokers has been my favorite discount online broker since 2016 (read my detailed article about online brokers as a Swiss investor).

There are other very competitive options that I also recommend: CornèrTrader, Degiro (read my detailed article, including some warnings), and TrueWealth. invest your third pillar while reducing your Swiss taxes (read my full article) is the Swiss 3rd pillar of reference for a Mustachian because it allows you to invest up to 97% of your cash in shares. Mrs MP's is there, and I look forward to being able to transfer mine there once we change mortgage provider (because for now it's blocking my 3rd pillar).

Coinbase: have fun betting your play money on crypto-currencies

I have invested 1'000€ via Coinbase (read my detailed article) in case it turns into CHF 1'000'000 in 10 years. For the moment it has been stagnating since 2017. We'll see about that :) Anyway, one thing's for sure, I'm not adding a dime to this.

Internet and mobile subscriptions in Switzerland

Sunrise via pay your Swiss internet and mobile subscription as cheaply as possible!

I wrote a detailed article to explain my setup with the Sunrise special offer combined with a 4G router. Now you know how to do it :)

Personal development

Reading = knowledge = wealth (in every sense of the word)

My readings that can help you become richer in different ways (from the most recent to the oldest):

Note: there are many affiliate links in this article. If you use one or more of them, you won't notice any difference than with a standard link — but the blog will get a referral commission. I thank you for this.
As usual, I only write and review things that I use in my personal daily life, or that I trust.


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