Free by 40 in Switzerland

Free by 40 in Switzerland is a book on how to reach financial independence the Swiss way. It details my step-by-step recipe of how to retire early and stop working at 40 years old. You will learn how save money drastically, earn more, as well as start to invest.

In less than 10 years, I reached CHF 1'204'459 of wealth thanks to frugality. Many of my friends already reached early retirement. All of them started — like me — without inheritance or a high salary or a specific access to education.

Financial independence is not reserved for the richest. With a precise method and the right personal finance tactics, you too can stop working by the age of 40 (if you are already over 40, check the FAQ below).

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Book - Free by 40 in Switzerland
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Daniel Dreier

Daniel Dreier

Senior Editor,

“A must-read for anyone looking to escape consumerism and use today's financial system smartly to achieve unprecedented freedom in Switzerland.”

I will stop working at 40 in Switzerland.

And no, one doesn't have to inherit or be a financial professional to achieve it.


  • You don't manage to save money
  • You don't earn CHF 20'000 per month
  • You're scared to death of the stock market and investments
  • You're not disciplined enough with your personal finances (and the word "budget" gives you hives!)
  • You didn't receive any financial education
  • You have a husband/wife, children, and a full time job...

It's funny because the six points above are the perfect description of who I was in 2013... A Swiss man in his late twenties who lived from paycheck to paycheck and refused to keep working day and night until the age of 65 because "what else am I supposed to do, except maybe play the lottery...?"

If you too want to:

  • Travel without worrying about money nor about your vacation quota
  • Wake up every morning and decide about your day (and not your boss...)
  • Be serene with your money (regardless of the amount of the unexpected bill you receive)
  • Say "Bye bye" for good to your incompetent manager and his useless meetings...
  • Don't care about the 2050 BVG conversion rate (because you're creating your own retirement!)
  • Have more than CHF 1 million of net worth before you're 40 years old

Then you are in the right place... My guide explaining (step by step from A-Z) how to become financially free by 40 in Switzerland is finally available!

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Table of contents

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Already 2'276 copies of the book sold!(at 3'000, the book becomes a bestseller in Switzerland)

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About the author

Hi! I'm Marc Pittet, in my thirties, married, with two children. I live in the countryside in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Thanks to a frugal lifestyle, I was able to become a homeowner in Switzerland before I was 30. My second life project is to achieve financial independence by the age of 40.

By drawing my path with the Swiss rules, I created the method described in my book. My goal is to help other Swiss people to become financially free.

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They talk about my strategy

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Remo Uherek profile picture

Remo Uherek

Startup founder, retired at 35

“The ultimate guide to building wealth and retiring early in Switzerland. If you care about personal finance, this is the book.”

3 Packages

The book (hardcover and PDF)
  • The A-Z step-by-step guide
  • Hardcover version
  • PDF version
2 key resources
  • 12 hands-on exercises at the end of each chapter
  • My checklist of the Swiss Frugalist
10 video interviews
  • 10 video interviews with influential personalities in the field of financial independence
50+ notifications to stay motivated (via email)
  • 30+ annual financial optimization reminders linked to the above checklist — I'll warn you when it's time to take action!
  • Live infos about the activity (buy/sell) of my investment portfolio so that it also motivates you.
  • Monthly sending of my net worth status listing the amount of each of my assets, to inspire you!
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Interviews' description

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PT MoneyLinkedIn

Net Worth: CHF 1'750'000

Learn how PT Money became master of his time. Every day of his life. Since 2010.

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Net Worth: CHF 1'200'000

Thomas started to trade in his early twenties. But his view of stock market investing has changed over the years. Inspiring journey.

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Net Worth: undisclosed

Discover how Liz (and her family!) moved from a city life to a rural life on a homestead in Vermount (USA), as well as the psychological impacts of the FIRE journey.

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Matthias RichterBlog

Net Worth: CHF 2'000'000+

After a rather demanding career in banks, Matt made the transition to entrepreneurship and is now FIRE at the age of 40.

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Net Worth: CHF 1'955'000

An "average" guy like me, with a standard job, a standard salary, who, through frugality and discipline, became FIRE at... 33 years old!

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The Poor SwissBlog

Net Worth: CHF 330'000

A complementary point of view to mine from this blogger from Fribourg in his thirties, who embarked on the FIRE adventure 2 years ago. And he doesn't have a plan B :D

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Net Worth: CHF 1'250'000

J. is a serial entrepreneur. He always has several projects in parallel. FIRE? Not yet, but he's working tirelessly on it, and cash abounds.

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Net Worth: CHF 700'000

Based in Zurich, Thomas is in his early twenties. And he's approaching the million CHF net worth mark faster than I am!

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Net Worth: CHF 2'700'000

Carl retired at age 43, with over 2 million US dollars saved. He tells us how his story unfolded from the beginning.

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Net Worth: CHF 1'330'000

J.D. is one of the oldest bloggers in the personal finance field. He explains his FIRE adventure that started in 2006 with... debt. Inspiring and authentic!

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  • Everything in the Complete Edition
  • Personalized + individual advice on your financial situation
Limited package
  • 5 sales per quarter maximum
  • (1 remaining currently)
Avoid to
  • Procrastinating and never starting to invest
  • Choosing the worst financial products (e.g. pillar 3a)
About the personalized advice
  • You have 1h30 of written exchange credit at your disposal with me (in one or several sessions, via a dedicated, priority email address)
  • You choose the program, in "Ask me all the questions you want!" mode (about 1-2 A4 pages telling your story and current financial blockers)
  • The goal of this exchange is to help you avoid the most costly mistakes I see almost all beginners make
  • The book (hardcover and/or PDF)
  • My Checklist of the Swiss Frugalist
Hardcover version
  • You will receive the book within 2-3 weeks
  • Free delivery worldwide
Let's be clear!
  • The book is THE part where I spent the most time and effort
  • All the bonuses of the Complete Edition are very helpful, but let's not undervalue the book itself
  • It's a guide to which you will refer in the years to come on your way to financial independence in Switzerland
Pierre Novello

Pierre Novello

Independent economic journalist

“An effective storytelling to demonstrate how to accumulate a maximum of savings as quickly as possible, and how to make them grow at the same pace.”


It depends on how much you’ve budgeted for it, obviously! The Complete Edition is of course the most inspiring (with the concrete video testimonials), and the most motivating with the 50+ notifications per year. But the guide itself is packed with 332 pages of tactics and practical exercises to help you achieve financial independence by 40 in Switzerland.

As usual, my answer is: how much value do you expect to get out of it?
If you’re going to buy it, read it, and carry on with your routine without changing anything, then clearly, it’s not a frugal decision.
If it’s your concrete plan to buy it and apply my step-by-step methodology, then the return on investment you will get will be with many zeros. Why? Because if you start from point A (novice) and get to point Z (expert), you will be hundreds of thousands of CHF richer when you reach early retirement.

As for me, if I had been offered this step-by-step guide in 2013, telling me that it would allow me to reach CHF 540'000 of net worth six years later, instead of staying with my CHF 50'000… my answer would have been clearly “Where can I buy it?!?"

Short answer: yes, it’s worth it!
Detailed answer: the personal finance techniques presented in my book are applicable at any age. And even if you are over 40, they will allow you to stop working 10 or 15 years before the legal retirement age! Afterwards, if you really want to wait until you turn 65 to decide about your life every morning, you indeed don’t need my book ;)

And if you’re 65+, know that more and more readers of the blog are telling me they want to buy the book (hi JC!) to offer it to their children in order to provide them with that financial education that is so lacking in our educational system. Just sayin’ :)

I have more than 200 articles on my Swiss blog Mustachian Post which talk about financial independence, investments, how to earn more monthly income, real estate, Swiss salaries, how to convince your spouse, and many other topics.
And if you’re really curious, you can read my story here with lots of crispy details.

You'll receive your copy of "Free by 40 in Switzerland":

  • Immediately after your purchase for the PDF version
  • Within 2-3 weeks maximum for the hardcover version

Free delivery worldwide!

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Choose your edition

The Complete edition for CHF 249

  • The A-Z step-by-step guide (hardcover + PDF)
  • 12 hands-on exercises
  • The checklist of the Swiss Frugalist
  • 10 inspiring video interviews
  • 30+ annual financial optimization reminders
  • Live notifications of the activity (buy/sell) of my investment portfolio
  • Monthly sending of the status of my net worth

The Strategy edition for CHF 549

  • Includes all the content of the Complete Edition, plus an individual written exchange of 1h30 with Marc to review your personal financial situation and ask any outstanding questions you may have.
  • Limited number of copies
  • Buy now for CHF 549

Just the book for CHF 59

Matthias Richter

Matthias Richter

Former UBS wealth manager, blogger

“If you think about it, it's absolutely crazy that people can just work 8.2 hours, 5 days a week, 47 weeks a year, for 50 years without realizing that there's something profoundly wrong with that. Do yourself a favor and get this book. Not only will it help you to dream with your eyes wide open, but also give you a swift kick in the a** for getting started creating your dream life using financial freedom as a tool. It's no magic. You can do it too.”

As usual, I only write and review things that I use in my personal daily life, or that I trust.

Thank you for reading!