My ETF investment portfolio (last update: 20.11.2020)

I keep track of my portfolio yearly updates so that everyone can understand the changes I made throughout my investing journey - including myself!

11.2016 => today

ETF ISIN Symbol Percentage of portfolio
Vanguard Total World Stock ETF (up to 60kCHF max) US9220427424 VT 55%
Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS ETF (for money above 60kCHF) IE00B3RBWM25 VWRL 55%
UBS ETF (CH) SMIM (CHF) A-dis [1] CH0111762537 SMMCHA SW 13%
My 2nd and 3rd pillars' money [2] n/a n/a 32%

[1] I don't own this one yet as I still haven't enough international ETFs, but that'll be this Swiss based ETF that I'll buy as soon as I can
[2] My current allocation has too much bonds' money nowadays. If I'd need more of it, I'd anyway keep it as cash, until bonds' rise up again above 0%

06.2015 => 10.2016

Update 09.08.2016: I stopped investing after our home purchase back in summer last year. The portfolio below had quite a short term view with two CHF hedged ETFs. I wouldn't recommend an hedge ETF anymore for a long term perspective.
We're going to be back into the market later this year, and I will update this page accordingly.

01.2014 => 05.2015

ETF ISIN Symbol Percentage of portfolio
iShares Core CHF Corporate Bond (CH) CH0226976816 CHCORP 40%
iShares Swiss Domestic Government Bond 7-15 (CH) A CH0016999861 CSBGC0 20%
iShares Global High Yield Corp Bond CHF Hedged UCITS IE00B988C465 GHYC 10%
iShares SMI (CH) A CH0008899764 CSSMI 10%
iShares MSCI World CHF Hedged UCITS ETF IE00B8BVCK12 IWDC 20%


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