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Why contribute?

I hate ads and don't want to clutter my blog and the forum with them.

This means that all the blogposts as well as the forum setup are entirely supported by the audience.

I chose Patreon as a way to enable such readership contribution because the service is focused on fostering this direct link between creators and patrons. No intermediary, just you and I.

Exclusive access

The following bonuses are available to 1$ and 3$ patrons respectively:

"Behind the scenes" moments. Thanks to this badge, you get exclusive backstage access. This allows you to see how I craft my blogposts. I also share future writing and projects' drafts, before it's available to the public!

Inspirational content. Do you remember this inspiring video you watched on a Sunday evening, and that continue to resonate with you months afterwards? I love such life-changing videos. They have a tremendous impact on my daily life since years. I now share them exclusively on Patreon so it hopefully helps you live a better and more meaningful life too.

Other ways to support

If you can't afford such money contribution, you can help to spread the MP financial independance wisdom by sharing the blog or specific articles with your family and friends.

Also, you can notify me of your support by commenting on blogposts, following the blog on Facebook or on Twitter, or even by simply writing me an email to explain how my writing affected your life. This is worth a lot to me.

I sincerely thank you for helping me to create something so purposeful.



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