Savings rate for February 2015

I think 2015 is gonna be a good year! To continue our strong start, I was lucky enough to get a company bonus for the past year. We could have spend it all but as Mustachians, we preferred to not change our lifestyles and to save it all instead. Are your ready for a new record?!? (erratum inside)

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Savings rate for January 2015

After the last posts in the savings rate category, we got quite some pressure to keep up with the high percentages we managed to reach last months. Thankfully, a Swiss specificity will help us to maintain the rhythm - at least for January: the famous 13th salary! Let's see how that modified our figures - for the better hopefully!

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Savings rate for December 2014

Following last month high figure, I announced that December would be even better! No unexpected events got in the road until the end of last year so I can happily tell you that we reached a very nice number!!! And this one starts with a 5. How awesome is that to kickstart 2015!

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