Financially free by 40, in Switzerland

Learn the A-Z steps on how to build enough wealth (including all Swiss specificities like second and third pillars, how to invest on the stock market with only 30min of work per quarter, etc.) in order to never have to work again after 40 years old in Switzerland.


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Part 1: The Concept

  • 9-5 until 65 years old? Nope!
  • The financial independence movement
  • Fuck You day
  • Spend frugally, consume mindfully
  • Earn and save as much as possible
  • Invest. Now.
  • Work not required after 40 years old
  • It starts today
1. Coping with naysayers
  • It's impossible to be a millionaire
  • The stock market will make you lose it all
  • Possible in cheap countries, not in CH
  • Investing is complex
  • This can only bring deprivation
  • You won't keep such goal for a decade
  • But I only make CHF 4'000 a month
  • These Swiss rules are useless as an expat
  • I can't live without Zalando, DeinDeal, nor QoQa
  • My partner isn't ready for such a life change
  • I have kids, I'm doomed
2. Plan your future life
  • Compute your numbers in 1h
  • Visualize where your money flies
  • Keep track of all your money

Part 2: Optimize your money

3. Save on the small things
  • Cut TV and other subscriptions
  • Reduce your telecoms fees
  • Optimize your tech gadgets
  • Hair dresser is for your grandma
  • You're not your clothes nor your shoes
  • Presents should be meaningful
  • Sport is free in Switzerland
  • Rethink leisure activities
  • Keep your hobbies
4. Impactful savings
  • Stop over-insuring yourself
  • Which Swiss health insurance is right for you
  • Reduce your banking fees drastically
  • Do your own taxes
  • Tips and tricks to save on kids' expenses
  • Experiences are the new holidays
5. The Big Three
  • Housing
    • The bottom line rule
    • Countryside is the new frugal luxury
    • Should you rent or buy in Switzerland?
    • How to buy your home in Switzerland in 11 steps
    • Lower your rent in one letter
  • Transports
    • Bike and public transports
    • Japan cars are the frugalest
    • Alternatives to commuting
  • Food and groceries
    • Be your own frugal chef
    • Grocery shopping: Migros, Lidl, or abroad?
    • What you eat is your best life insurance
  • A note on constant optimization
6. Earn the more you can
  • How to get raises in Switzerland
  • Your brain, this salary turbocharger
  • One way to land your dream job
  • Side hustle, why and how

Part 3: Invest

7. Invest, or how money notes have sex
  • Investing, explained by my 8 years old
  • The Stock Exchange is scary, not!
  • What should I buy as a Swiss investor?
  • How should I buy it as a Swiss resident?
  • Investing takes only 30min/quarter
  • When should I start?
  • Open your investing account today (video)
  • How to do my taxes with all that?
  • What if the market crashes
8. Put your retirement money at work too
  • A short history of the Swiss pillars' system
  • Should I buy back my 2nd pillar years?
  • Why should I get a 3rd pillar? Which one?

Part 4: Your free life

9. Prepare your post-work life
  • What's happening concretely after 40?
  • How to live off your money until you die
  • Where true happiness comes from
  • Purpose is the new money
  • A word on meditation
  • Minimalism and simple living
  • Educating children about frugalism and money
10. Conclusion
  • Life is a game, it's up to you to define its rules


Useful stuff
  • Top 5 frugal tools for frugal Swiss German
  • Top 5 frugal tools for frugal Romandie folks
  • Recommended books, blogs, and forums