Blogger Savings Rates Index (aka. BSRI)

Savings rate is something so powerful that it can transform your paycheck-to-paycheck boring life into a millionaire’s one!
I track it myself every single month and I thought it could be a great thing to have a worldwide personal finance Blogger Savings Rate Index (aka. BSRI).

The main goal of this list is the learning(s) one can take-home from the best badass savers to start making more out their own income!
Choose the badass that is the most similar to your situation (country, status) and go learn their tips and tricks to put your savings rate on steroids!
Indeed, as one of my fellow blogger explained in one of his article, you must take into account the full context and not only the percentage.

BONUS: I’ll provide badges at the end of every year so you can use them on your blog to show how a badass saver you are!!!

#BSRI 2018

All results and badges of the #BSRI 2018 vintage are on this page.

#BSRI 2017

All results and badges of the #BSRI 2017 vintage are on this page.

#BSRI 2016

All results and badges of the #BSRI 2016 vintage are on this page.

#BSRI 2015

All results and badges of the #BSRI 2015 vintage are on this page.

Are you a badass saver?!?

You’re a personal finance blogger? Do you track your savings rate every month?
Then please fill in the form below and I will take care of updating your status every month.
The infos about your country and status are only asked to help the reader to pick the blogger which is the most relevant to his situation.

As usual, I only write and review things that I use in my personal daily life, or that I trust.

Thank you for reading!