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Last updated: April 13, 2017

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Some months ago, I thought about creating a personal finance conference here in Europe. Something like the FinCon, but on this side of the pond.

I wanted to have these inspirational talks. Those that act like a shoot of motivation. The ones that make you fill your “Best ideas ever” to-do list in less time than you need to write an article draft.
My other drive was to gather with like-minded people with whom one can talk about money, savings rate, net worth, ETFs, cheap broker, and all of these nerdy things. An environment where everyone understand you — for once. A place where you’re not stared at like you’re Scrooge McDuck (although I find him fancy!)

So back then, I got in touch with Philipp (aka PT) to talk about the idea. He wasn’t yet ready to jump in. And I actually decided to keep my focus on writing in the meanwhile, which is already a strong commitment in itself.

To my surprise, Philipp contacted me last week.

FinCon is coming to Europe. Finally!

First European evening for Top Financial Influencers

The format is a bit different than the large meeting that we know in the US.
PT’s team called it “FinCon Masters”. These are satellite events to the main conference and will happen this year in New York, San Francisco, and London.
The small setting sounds quite interesting: 80 persons will gather during 3h around an open bar (or how to make anyone to engage in any conversation), a dinner, and some dessert.
The whole thing will be punctuated by advanced-level sessions with featured speakers like J.D. Roth from Money Boss and Chris Ducker. I even heard that the famous Mad Fientist should be around too!

Save the date if you want to attend: it will happen on the 5th of June 2017, from 6-9PM in London (Rainmaking Loft, 1 St. Katherine’s Way).

Win your free pass to the FinCon Masters London 2017

I’m quite busy on the personal and professionnal side in the upcoming months, so I won’t make it this year unfortunately. Bummer.
But you can! I offer you the opportunity to win a free pass to the event that is worth 99$.

You got three things to do to be eligible for the draw:

One of my kids will randomly pick a name on the 24.04.2017, and I will announce the lucky winner.

I genuinely hope that this opportunity can add value to your financial life, and beyond.
Looking forward to reading your comments!

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