What is a Mustachian?

Last updated: December 20, 2017

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During my writing course last year, I had a homework to do which resulted in this article on how to reinvigorate one’s savings. I was proud to have achieved the exploit of writing a blogpost of less than 400 words, and was looking forward to my teacher’s feedback (aka Joshua from The Minimalists…let me tell you that I wasn’t disappointed! Three A4 pages filled with red that brought me fifteen years back when we had teachers giving grades, and the stress that was related to it…

In particular, Joshua drew my attention to the fact that I was often talking about “Mustachian” but that he had no idea what it was. And probably that it was the same for new readers.

“New readers?” I told myself … “What do you mean, everyone doesn’t follow me since the beginning?” I thought, realizing that it was almost three years since I started to blog at the time.

Although I like the small “community” effect that this kind of reaction brings to the blog, I always try to be inclusive rather than exclusive. So I thought it was time to clarify what it means to “be Mustachian”.

The origin of Mustachianism

The term “Mustachian” was introduced for the first time by Mr. Money Mustache (aka MMM) in 2011.

This word describes a person who wishes to reach financial freedom in order to pursue his own aspirations without having to depend on active work to live.

No more precise precept has been set forth by the Mustachian community, as it’s a lifestyle that must be adapted to the conditions of everyone.
Married with children or single? Peaceful life in Eclépens or nightlife in Zürich? 23 or 55 years old? Passionate about goldfish or Ferrari? Want to travel once retired, or rather to get involved in local associations?
We understand quickly that it’s difficult to extract a unique way of life.

“A Mustachian is a person who wishes to reach financial freedom in order to pursue his own aspirations without having to depend on active work to live.”

That’s why when I get the following question: “MP, do you think this purchase or investment choice is Mustachian?”, I always answer that in the end, the only judge remains yourself. I can of course give you my opinion but it’s only my point of view with all the bias it implies.

“Be Mustachian”, what does it mean then?

Taking into account these considerations, I nevertheless found it interesting to undergo the exercise to describe what it means to “be Mustachian”, for me, MP.
Rather than condense this way of life into a pompous paragraph, I have extracted a list of guiding principles. I want it to be evolutive, as much for me as for you. Make it your own, modify it, and adapt it to your own living conditions.

Guiding Principles of a Mustachian

Passive income rather than employed for life
Frugal rather than spendthrift
Minimalist rather than consumerist
Efficient rather than lazy
Critical thinker rather than conventional
Deliberate rather than unintentional
Lifelong learner rather than complacent
[Your guiding principle here]

This list allows me to guide my choices about my lifestyle to achieve financial independence, and I hope it can bring you the same clarity when you have to make decisions.

What do you think ? Do you have other guiding principles about Mustachianism?

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