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Last updated: December 09, 2016

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UPDATE 01.12.2019
We have again changed our setup for internet and mobile: the article is here ;)

Two years ago, I detailed a hack of the Swiss telecom system to bring our home and mobile internet expenses down to CHF 100/m for a two persons household.

This setup has worked for several of the readers!

In case you were not a reader by then, I’ll share with you our new Mustachian setup as it changed since we moved.

The graal of the subscriptions

Last year, the alignement of the stars were perfect. QoQa released an incredible anniversary offer with the Sunrise Freedom Super Max plan at CHF 55/m with everything unlimited in Switzerland, as well as abroad except for Internet roaming which is capped at 2GO/m abroad (great for free GPS during holidays).

We hesitated to take this CHF 110/m deal. The game changer was the no-daily-limit internet usage, meaning unlimited wifi at home, as well as unlimited personal hotspot during commuting or working in the train.

We subscribed.

We should have ordered a CHF 5/m dual SIM but Sunrise decided to offer it for marketing reasons — for once I like it!

I recommend you to watch out for such an offer next week as it’s QoQa anniversary again.
I hope they do something similar so that you can get this subscription too!

If QoQa doesn’t propose its Sunrise offer

In case it doesn’t come, I checked the actual Mustachian options on the market, cheapest first:

What 4G LTE router modem to choose

About the material to use: what I adviced in the previous blogpost appeared to be a bad choice. Mine died after a few weeks, and looking at reviews on the web show that it was a common problem…

Our new 4G modem is the Huawei B315 model (Amazon DE, FR, UK, US). Simple to use. Powerful. Reliable.

Your savings rate will thank you

Counting in our (not so Mustachian) Teleboy and Netflix subcriptions, we end up saving roughly CHF 2'300/year compared to our initial setup. For the same level of services. This means about CHF 36'000 in ten years with compound interests! That’s the price of a Tesla Model 3!


Watch out for QoQa anniversary next week or go for one of the alternatives. Buy this Huawei B315 4G Router (Amazon DE, FR, UK, US). Then drop this CHF 100-150/m optical fiber connection with TV channels you never watch, and landline you never use as even your grandma switched to FaceTime!

Did you already take the leap to hack your telecom for your household? Do you have an even better Mustachian plan to recommend us?

Note: if you choose to buy the Huawei modem, I’ll get an affiliate reward from Amazon — without you paying more for the item. As usual, be aware that I only share things that I use in my life. I recommend them in the hope that they will bring you as much value as it did to my personal life.

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