The Power of Waking Up At 5am, Every Day

Last updated: June 01, 2017

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My alarm clock woke me up at 5:30am this morning, just on time to start my daily routine: get a breakfast, enjoy a Calm medidation session, and begin to write for one hour.
It’s 6:06am while I compose this article in my home office. Looking out the window on my right, I can see the sun rising through the trees of my beloved countryside — Spring finally made it to Switzerland!

Before, my thoughts on such a schedule were along those lines: “I’m not a morning person!” or, “Come on, how can you be motivated to wake up at 5am?!”

But the fact is here: it’s been six months since I wake up between 5 and 5:30am. I even woke up in the 4am range twice, and I felt so powerful. On week-ends I wake up early too, and the taste is even better because there is no workday afterwards!

What made it happen

A book. Once again, this medium hooked me. I read “The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life Before 8am” (can be found on Amazon DE, FR, US, UK) and finally, I became a morning-person. That can sound too good to be true, but actually, the catchy title wasn’t a lie…it did work.

Craft your life

After I finished the book, I went on to define the life I wanted to live. The goal is to create excitement for you to wake up to work on it.
For instance, one of the thing that drives me nowadays is this blog that you’re reading. Before I applied The Miracle Morning’s principles, I would often regret in the evenings that I didn’t take the time to write. The problem is that these regrets were useless, and not changing the fact that I published less blogposts than I wished. Then, I prioritized my life, and it changed everything.

But why wake up earlier vs. work on your things during the evening?

Once you have this clear vision of what’s your dream life, the how-to-do-it is actually easy to implement.
We can summarize the author’s theory like this: the best way to craft your life is to work on it while your motivation is at its highest, id est during the morning. Indeed, you’ve to think about your motivation as a smartphone battery: it’s full when you wake up, and it drains as soon as you tap into it. And as you have no clue about how much you will need during the day, the best way to ensure that your life goals are constantly progressing is actually to start to work on them first thing when you wake up!

That’s how I end up being so excited to set my alarm clock at 5am to craft the life I want, every day.

My beloved Swiss countryside view from our home

My beloved Swiss countryside view from our home

Visible benefits

Hopefully you’ll have noticed that I’m way more consistent with publishing nowadays, as I manage to keep my one-post-per-week average that I always looked for in the past, but never managed to reach 1.
Same goes for this blog’s french version that I always lured but never got started. Here it is now!

As I work on these projects before the start of my “usual day”, you can’t imagine how empowered I feel when I get to work full of energy, satisfaction, and accomplishment! That’s life-changing.

How does it relates to Financial Independence?

You may wonder how waking up early has any relation to financial independence? Well, it actually matters a lot! It can mean more time for you to learn new skills to get career advancement, or to create your first budget and read all MP’s posts since the beginning, or maybe to start this side hustle that you never have time to work on. All points resulting in more money to stash in your brokerage account, to finally retire way before you thought would be possible!

What is your dream life that you could start to craft tomorrow?

  1. Some hard times on the personal level broke the streak during last weeks. But I’m getting back on track! ↩︎

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