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Last updated: July 31, 2016

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When I started this blog, I asked myself several questions: should I use a nickname to protect my privacy? which numbers should I disclose? which not? why?

I assumed it was the normal path of any rookie blogger that wants to start a blog on a good track.
Who wants to create another blog from scratch because he realizes he disclosed too much information, and isn’t inspired anymore because his privacy bubble, where no one judges him, broke off…

After blogging for more than two years, I’d still struggle to know if it was a smart decision to disclose what car we own or which bank we are registered at, and lately to reveal our salaries.

On the other hand, I love blogs where all crispy numbers are revealed, and even more if there is a real person behind the story so I can relate to his/her situation.

As for everything I don’t know, or that I want to learn about, I follow my rule of “Ask the person who faces the same situation and knows more than I do”.
Which is why I start this new series called “Show me your numbers!” where we’ll discuss about blogging privacy.

You wonder why I named it this way and not something like “Blogging privacy: what should I disclose and what not?”

That’s a good question!

The first reason is that I’m an incorrigible (money) voyeur — like you are.
Secondly, I wanted to make it a learning for the interviewed persons as well so that they tell — without deep theory thinking — which are their public numbers and which not, and then reflect on the reasons why some digits are more comfortably disclosable than others.

For our first interview, we’ll be lucky to host one of the most famous personal bloggers out there. Be ready.

Until then, enjoy a nice summer!

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