The best place to exchange foreign currency

With the SNB recent announcement that they were removing the CHF 1.20 floor rate against the euro, it has been like a second Christmas in January! I mean, our next Canada holidays expenses got suddenly reduced by 20%. But in order to make the most out of this unpredicted event, you still have to choose the right door...

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My goals for 2015

Last year was driven by goals defined on the go which was fine but not really measurable. In 2015, I will define targets and keep you posted with my progress every quarter. With this public commitment done, I have more social pressure to not just give up on my commitments! Ready to start the new year? Let me present you my goals then!

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My ETF investment portfolio for 2015

Last year was the first time ever that I invested in the stocks and bonds market. It was not easy to setup my initial ETFs portfolio but once done, I had nothing to do except to watch my CHF stack to grow. As every beginning of the year from now on, I will take some hours to evaluate the situation and check whether I have to adapt how it is distributed. Let's learn new financial knowledge together!

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Savings rate for December 2014

Following last month high figure, I announced that December would be even better! No unexpected events got in the road until the end of last year so I can happily tell you that we reached a very nice number!!! And this one starts with a 5. How awesome is that to kickstart 2015!

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Save money on your Swiss bank account and credit card fees!

If you live or plan to live in Switzerland, you must had or will have to choose a bank where to host your money, paychecks - and hopefully not your savings! Same for your credit card: plenty of options, only few interesting for financial freedom seekers. As I didn't properly chose it years ago, I scrutinized all existing options in October and we finally made the move. Welcome simplicity, right in time for the new year!!!

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Exclusive interview with Bartosz Burclaf, CEO of MoneyVane

Since I started to invest our money one year ago, I was hoping that one day a service like Betterment would start here in Switzerland. It seems that my dream is going to become true with! The company CEO accepted to answer some questions to reveal some exclusive infos about this soon-to-be-live Swiss made financial advisor service.

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