Net worth and savings rate update August 2019 CHF 378'526.80 (+CHF 5'565.35)

Last updated: September 30, 2019

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The time for voyeurs has come again :D

If you are new to the blog, I recommend reading the article that introduced this series on my net worth.

A rather frugal August

CASH FLOW AND SAVINGS (+CHF 3'284.61): We replenish the funds with more cash flow through dental reimbursements. However, we have had other unexpected health expenses so we are still not at the maximum of our capacities. And that’s not to mention the extra taxes for 2018 because our salaries have increased again last year — rich problem as they say:D

STOCK MARKET INVESTMENTS (-CHF 116.35): The market was quite volatile this summer with a slight decline of around a hundred Swiss francs after a strong recovery in the first half of 2019. We remain patient, and we continue to invest according to our strategy: to date we have put the ETFs on hold (we currently have about 120kCHF into them) and we started with value investing until the amounts are identical — well in the end it remains equity investment.

COINBASE SPECULATION (-CHF 133.03): Another setback this month. Personally I don’t try to understand nor to follow the crypto-currency news.

MP’S 2ND PILLAR (+CHF 602.85): Filling my second pillar as usual.

MRS.’ MP 2ND PILLAR (+CHF 35.92): Last month it’s this low. Looking forward to September :D

MP’S 3RD PILLAR (n/a): Nothing to report because I make my one-time payment at the beginning of the year, and my 3rd pillar cash value is also updated at the beginning of the year or on request.

MRS’ MP 3RD PILLAR (+CHF 678.09): Mrs. MP’s 3rd pillar at VIAC continues to grow. As a reminder, we pay CHF 564 per month, to fill it up to a maximum of CHF 6'768 deductible from taxes (oops, no, it’s CHF 6'826 in 2019, I have to change our automatic transfer!) so the rest of this month’s increase comes from the growth effects of the stock market.

APARTMENT AND MORTGAGE IN SWITZERLAND (n/a): Nothing to report, we still don’t reimburse until mortgage rates are so low, and we haven’t revalued our property so we don’t speculate on its value (i.e. we keep the purchase value).

RENTAL BUILDING IN FRANCE (n/a): Same as for our apartment in Switzerland, no price speculation. We’ll wait until we want to resell it to get an evaluation.

MORTGAGE LOAN IN FRANCE (+CHF 717.02): The loan still gets reimbursed well thanks to a building that is 100% full of tenants. Readers have asked me about this category and as explained, the fact that we are positive in this category is because the rents allow us to repay the loan — i.e. cash in our pocket.

SCI (SOCIÉTÉ CIVILE IMMOBILIÈRE, REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT COMPANY IN ENGLISH) IN FRANCE (+CHF 496.34): As explained for our mortgage loan, I am not excited about this positive cash flow until the French taxes have taken their share.

Total change in net worth: +CHF 5'565.45

Slowly but surely, our net worth equals CHF 378'526.80 at the end of August. In terms of financial independence, we are at 18% of our target of CHF 2'156'000. Patience, mother of all virtues!

We spent a few days in Ticino last spring. Oh my God, this region of Switzerland is beautiful!

We spent a few days in Ticino last spring. Oh my God, this region of Switzerland is beautiful!

Savings rate for August

As I was doing it at the time, I will add our savings rate to a section of this series of net worth updates.
After having been in the negative twice this year (because of — or thanks? - to the purchase of our rental building in France), we are finally back in acceptable figures with a savings rate of 36% for August 2019. Still below our minimum target of 40%, but we’re getting closer!

What about you? How did your summer end? Expensive holidays in French Polynesia or the USA? Or frugal ones here in Switzerland?

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