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Last updated: September 13, 2022

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Mrs MP is a long time fan of Garmin watches, so I thought that there must be some among the readers of the blog too :)

So the announcement is official today: neon also supports Garmin Pay with its Mastercard credit card starting today.

To use the Neon card with Garmin Pay, you must have a Garmin watch that is compatible with Garmin Pay, and an account in the Garmin Connect app.

The connection is done as follows:

  1. Open the Garmin Connect application and connect the Garmin Smartwatch in the menu under “Garmin Devices”
  2. Press “Garmin Pay” in the application menu and follow the instructions to connect the Neon card and set up a wallet
  3. Once the wallet is configured, you can leave the house without a card or phone and pay with the Garmin Smartwatch!

neon promo code

neon continues to offer the following promo code to blog readers:

The promo code neon “mustachian” entitles you to a CHF 10 welcome bonus — must be entered during registration as it is not possible after

Thanks in advance if you use it, as it will allow the blog to receive a commission in return.

And you, what contactless payment system do you use? Via a smartwatch? A smartphone? Or is cash the only thing in your life?

PS: don’t mention it too much further because it’s not that frugal, but frankly, the Apple Watch for my part has been tempting me very strongly for several years. I’ve been resisting until now, but it’s been several times that this digital tool comes back on my “Wait 30 days and see if you’re still interested” list. To be continued ^^

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