My 2015 goals - Q2 update

Last updated: August 27, 2015

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At the beginning of the year, I decided to write down my goals publicly so that I would have better chances to reach them thanks to social peer pressure.
Many were “In progress” during our last Q1 review in April.
It was about time that we get another checkpoint for Q2!

1 - Average at least one blogpost per week Failed (so far)
Until end of April I did very good to keep up with the publishing pace.
Then there was this new home that came in May and disturbed all my blog schedule…for the better!
We signed the deal only in July, right before well deserved vacations. Which also means that August was calm too on this blog.
Anyway, thanks to my new routines, writing becomes more and more natural as I practice it every morning. And this goal might be a success now that we are back to school.

2 - Write between 15 and 30 minutes per weekday In progress
As for the first point, June wasn’t good with our new apartment, July not that bad, and August was vacations.
We should now be back on track with our “usual” work schedule.

3 - Propose RSS to readership Success
Done. Summary in Q1 2015 update.

4 - Setup a newsletter email for new blogposts published In progress
I must admit I forgot about this one during last weeks when my single main goal was to try to publish blogposts first…
Hopefully I find sometime by the end of the year.
Question to you: do you miss this feature?

5 - Have a first blogpost where reader’s involvement is rewarded by something cool Success
Done. Summary in Q1 2015 update.

6 - Find another Swiss blogger who is seeking financial freedom Success
Done. Summary in Q1 2015 update.

7 - Have “Early Retirement in Switzerland” ebook written, ready to be proofread by family and readers who subscribed early to buy it In progress
Good news! I’ve started for real to work on this book project!
I’ve locked in a daily timeframe to be sure to go ahead with this goal. For now I’ve mainly worked on the research phase about how to write a book, how to structure it, etc. I’m also close to have a table of contents which makes sense.
I don’t think it is realistic to have something proofreadable by the end of the year but I keep the challenge as I could maybe have sort of a draft, at least for myself. Stay tuned!

8 - Average 40% of monthly savings Failed (so far)
I’ve to set temporarily this goal status to “Failed”.
Indeed, during the first 6 months of 2015, we averaged 37.5% of savings rate.
Even though I’m now “only” a Bronze Badass Saver on the #BSRI, I feel really happy to be increasingly far away from the ~10% that was the norm before we started our journey towards financial independence!
Also, beginning of Q3 2015 looks better and it should help to increase our rate.

9 - Reach CHF 122'000 CHF 162'000 of net worth to support mid-term goal Success - but we want more!!!
As explained last quarter, a change in how we compute our net worth helped us succeed this goal too easily.
Hence the CHF 162'000 target raise!
As of June, we were on a very good track with a net worth curve going in the right direction. Being already at the end of August, I can tell you that the curve looks even better so I’m confident we will manage to make it!

10 - Max out our two household 3rd pillars Success
Done. Summary in Q1 2015 update.

11 - Read either “Your money or your life” or “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” In progress
Thanks to your feedbacks, I ordered “Your Money or Your Life” and started to read it during my Canadian holiday.
I must say that I got hooked and that I won’t have any issue to finish it before the end of the year!

12 - Read “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” Success
During Q1 update, I told you I had finished to read it and that I loved it.
Instead of a boring summary, I decided to share with you all the real life action points I implemented during and after reading the book.
It is definitely a must-read!

13 - Read “The Miracle Morning” In progress
The book is bought and waiting to be read after goal #11.
Fun fact is that J. Money started to wake up at 5am recently (following Benjamin Franklin’s schedule!) and this made me realized that I didn’t have to wait for the book to start this new routine.
I managed to wake up three times out of five already, and it’s such a great life changer! Will blog about it for sure.

14 - Go to sport training once a week Failed but back on track since back to work
Gosh I failed miserably this goal during June and July.
Between work, new home, summer and holiday, I still had the time but no motivation…
Then, back to school period came in last Monday and it helped me to get back on track. Hopefully until the 31st of December!

There we go! I’m really proud about financial and reading successes. A bit less about my health goal but I will work on it!

And you? Did you manage to get progress towards your 2015 goals? Have you been lazy or hyper-productive?

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