My 2015 goals - Q1 update

Last updated: April 15, 2015

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At the beginning of the year, I decided to write down my goals publicly so that I would have better chances to reach them thanks to social peer pressure. Let’s review them one by one.

1 - Average at least one blogpost per week Success (so far)
This is a tough one as publishing one (interesting hopefully) entry per week is a fast pace to maintain! Thanks to my new commute routine, I feel it gets easier and easier.
If I can achieve only one goal this year, I hope it will be this one! Only nine months left to go!

2 - Write between 15 and 30 minutes per weekday In progress
At the opposite of the first point, I failed to maintain this rhytme on a daily basis. But I allow myself to have a 80% success rate and want to see how it goes all along the year.
Again, with this commute routine of writing every morning in the train, I think I’m back on track. Let’s check again in three months!

3 - Propose RSS to readership Success
This one wasn’t the hardest but it was the minimum least I could propose you! Hopefully you enjoy it when you get fresh articles automatically distributed to your preferred RSS reader! Let me know in the comments if anything doesn’t work regarding this point!

4 - Setup a newsletter email for new blogposts published In progress
This one is also easy but I didn’t take the time to work on it so far. Do you miss it?
It was more important for me to stay on track with the first goal.
My plan is to find some time during a next week-end and prepare you this present!

5 - Have a first blogpost where reader’s involvement is rewarded by something cool Success
Yes! Success! In case you haven’t got the news so far, Aki, a fresh expat in Switzerland won a free YNAB license right here on this blog! She even had the chance to get some tasty Swiss chocolate on top of that!!!
I’m really glad to be able to offer you something as a reward to thank you for the time you spend reading my posts.
As far as I know, Aki is on the way to transform her relationship with money and I’m sure YNAB will do a great job supporting her.
Welcome on board Aki!

6 - Find another Swiss blogger who is seeking financial freedom Success
For this one, I must admit I got lucky. Something like few days after I just published my fresh 2015 goals list, I got a comment from an MP reader pointing at the new Swiss blogger RA50 which I thank to have the will to share his adventures in the journey towards financial independence!
Long live RA50!!!

7 - Have “Early Retirement in Switzerland” ebook written, ready to be proofread by family and readers who subscribed early to buy it In progress
Hum… Except for a MarkDown file opened with less than ten lines of notes, I unfortunately didn’t go far with this goal…
But come on: we are only at one third of the year, I finished to read the “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” book which lead to better focus in life, I still have “The Miracle Morning” book to read as well, and also the “The ONE thing”, and for inspiration there is “Your Money or Your Life”!
So let’s say that I just have everything in place to at least properly start this goal, if not to achieve it!

8 - Average 40% of monthly savings Success (so far)
Personal finance god was kind enough to let the MP household reach a new savings rate record! As I explained, I don’t think we will get 13th salary nor bonus every month but still, these will help to keep up with the 40% average for 2015!
Let’s cross fingers - and keep up with the good savings work!
I must stay a Silver Badass Savers after all!!!

9 - Reach CHF 122'000 CHF 162'000 of net worth to support mid-term goal Success - but we want more!!!
I recently changed how I compute my net worth so to take into account all my wealth assets. Thanks to this simple change, we already crossed the CHF 122'000 mark last month.
As we aren’t going to rest on our laurels like this, I bumped the target figure up to CHF 162'000.

10 - Max out our two household 3rd pillars Success
That’s simply done! Two times done! Two times CHF 6'768 fully tax deductible!
Do you hear the sweet sound of the winning slot machine?!? Cashiiiing!

11 - Read either “Your money or your life” or “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” In progress
I finally chose to read “Your Money or Your Life” following your recommendations. I hence bought the book and it’s in my book-reading-list top 5.
I’ll tell you what I think about it afterwards.

12 - Read “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” Success
This one is a great success!
Both because I’ve read it in less than 2-3 weeks (which is quite crazy when you take into account that last books I’ve read took me something more like 1-2 months) and also because I immediately saw how it changed the way I prioritize things in my professional and private lives.
I’ll dedicate a full article soon, sort of a book review, to let you know why this is a must-read!

13 - Read “The Miracle Morning” In progress
Same as goal #11, I bought it and it’s part of my next 5 books to read!

14 - Go to sport training once a week Success
Leaving out holidays and one business dinner I had to attend, so far we are all set for a great healthy success!
There are times when I leave work and I’m not that motivated to go home and then go again out for the training. But as it starts to be a habit, I tend to do it automatically.
Days being also longer now, it should help me to stay motivated until the end of the summer!

Voilà! I’m glad to see progress on the target I imposed to myself earlier this year.

And you? Did you manage to get progress towards your 2015 goals? Have you been lazy or hyper-productive?

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