MP's household Swiss salary revealed!

Last updated: July 03, 2016

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‘Morning dear voyeurs!

Do you wanna know how much income we earn?
Then, today is your day!!!

I’ve always had the goal with this blog to be as transparent as possible.
I want my real life examples and experience to inspire you and transform your own personal finance situation.

I hate these articles where all we learn is statistics and theory vs. real numbers!
Don’t you?!?

As a money geek, if there is one thing above all that always interests me, it is clearly to know people’s salary.
Net worth is much more representative of oneself financial situation.
But I think my voyeur side still anyway wanna ask: “But how much do you earn?!?”.

With no more suspense, here is the number you’ve waiting for - or not?

Our MP’s household (family of four) earns CHF 9'982 monthly - net salary, after taxes.
As we get both a 13th salary, this results in a yearly income of CHF 130'573 - net salary, after taxes.

For the US readers, this means $10'270 / $134'344.
I don’t forget you European people: € 9'210 / € 120'480.

You might think that it’s quite high - and it is - but don’t forget that Switzerland has the highest cost of living in the world.

And you guys/gals, how much do you earn per month?

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