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Last updated: March 30, 2015

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As far as I can remember, I started to commute at age 3! Regular home-school routines using always the same road back and forth during months. Years even.
Entered high school, then University and finally work. Each of it had its own commute routine. From five minutes up to one hour - the max I did thankfully!

When nowadays, I see people reading - by default - the 20minutes in the train, it reminds me that during two third of my almost thirty years of commuting, I was doing no better.
As part of my 2015 goals, I currently read Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown who, in one of its chapter, explain how to design your life and not let others design it for you.
It’s not because advertising baron offers you free reading during your commute that you have to read it!
I mean, you can choose to waste your time and I’m completely fine with that. But If you choose to waste it, do it fully and consciously! And it’s actually not that much of a waste anymore - as you made a choice - but something you decided to spend your time on which produces some value or pleasure to you.

Since more than five years, I’ve decided to leverage as much as I could my transit time so to not waste it anymore.
Having went through car only to public transport and bike only, I have listed below all the things that I did while commuting so far. Things that I decided to do by design, not by default!
The value of some activities might differ from your own scale but the main point is that you define it and actually do what brings most purpose to your life!
I’ve grouped activities in three big categories of commute means, and a fourth one which groups few common activities that one can do in any of the other categories.

Biking/walking - The Healthy Activities

Public transport - The Studious Creative Activities

Credits: Google Maps Street View

Credits: Google Maps Street View

Driving - The Social Activity

Activities Independent of the Location

Then, there are the activities that work no matter the mean of transport you are using.

There we are with the activities I experienced during last years.
As I explained above, I finished last week my “Essentialism” book and it has helped me to finally decide on how to better plan my commute routine vs. before, when each time I entered the train, I had to decide which thing I’d prefer to do - which sometimes ended in procrastinating on Twitter or this blog’s analytics data…
Now, it is defined in advance. I dedicate the morning commute to writing blogposts and the evening one is reserved to reading books. After one week, the single fact to have designed these routines work actually very well. I arrive in the train in the morning, find a seat, and then get ByWord loaded and I start to type stuff on my iPhone. Evening is similar; once I sat down, I get the book I’m currently reading out of my bag and there we go. As simple as it sounds!

I’m wondering if I covered most of commuting activities (except maybe knitting) or if there are more out there?!?
What are you doing while commuting?

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