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Last updated: July 15, 2015

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Do you remember when you weren’t yet into financial independence, neither into YNAB nor you were reading blogs about the topic…

And from time to time, often during evenings or week-ends, your inner self was typing into Google stuff like “how to get rich quickly” or “how to make money on the Internet”
Then you would stumble upon recipes to get rich quickly: play online casino, become a drug dealer, start a blog with only Google Ads, and so on and so forth…
After 1/2h browsing the Internet, you would remain at the same point without any action plan, hence you’d switch off your Mac and boot your PlayStation to resume your game…
Sounds familiar?!?

Learning from the Masters

I don’t remember exactly how I got myself into Mustachianism (except that I landed at one point on MMM website) but what I learnt during the past years is that the best way to master a topic - be it to know how to play poker, how to make money or how to ride a snowboard - is to start by learning from the ones who master it successfully already.
This way you will get introduced to other master authorities and your knowledge will grow more and more until you eventually become a master authority yourself.

That’s why I’m launching this series of interviews with the richest bloggers from our Financial Independence Community.
I chose them based on their net worth that I checked on Rockstar Finance Net Worth Tracker.
My goal is to get 14 answers from the “over 1 Million net worth” bloggers on this Earth.

As above with Google, I asked each writer what would be their one single most valuable advice to someone who ask them THE question: “How can I be rich like a millionaire as you managed to do it?”.

I’m really looking forward to bringing you other perspectives than mine, and I also hope that I’m gonna learn new stuff myself too!

Next week: “Retired at 50” interview

I couldn’t start this series by someone else than RetiredAt50, my fellow Swiss Financial Independence seeker.
The guy has already managed to cross the 1.5 million $ mark, so he must have some wisdom to share with us!
Looking forward to being next week!!!

PS: if you’re a millionaire guy/gal with a blog, and looking for Financial Independence, please first add yourself to the Rockstar Finance Net Worth Tracker then drop me a line so that I add you to the interview series!

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