How to make CHF 400 per month for 10 minutes of daily work

Last updated: November 09, 2014

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What a catchy title we got! Sounds like these guys trying to make you click on some web banner to finally tell you that you can call this fake number to possibly win a price…sounds familiar, right?
Well, for once, this is for real. CHF 400 per month, in your pocket, then in your investment account. As simple as that!

What your Bachelor/Master degree won’t teach you…

Some years ago, I eventually ended my studies and entered the professional world. As you might have experienced it (or not yet), after being a student, you usually jump into the working life with all his good and bad sides… You get a salary, you get to learn and do what you like (if you are lucky), you meet new colleagues that become friends over time.
One of the bad points is that you switch from a life where money is absent, to a life where money is abundant! And one of the first thing you tend to do is to spend this money to experiment the joy of not being restricted anymore!

So when it gets to food, you have two choices entering the working life.

Option 1/ You’re a chef by nature and cooking isn’t an issue because you can’t eat McDo nor industrialized pizzas. Or your parents educated you well on this topic and cooking is an usual (awesome) habit you got to practice. So you get to continue cooking and eating your own healthy food. Fine.

Option 2/ While being a student, it was painful to prepare your own food or to eat everyday at your campus cafeteria but you hadn’t the choice so far because of money. Then you get to know what it feels to have a salary and paying this few amount everyday sounds like nothing. Let’s spend this easy cash! It will be back next month anyway!!! Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

A lot of people are going to end with option 2 because personal finance lectures aren’t taught in any University nor any other fancy expensive schools… Quite the opposite actually, we keep repeating you that if you want a “good” life, you have to work hard so you make an high wage…implicitly meaning that if you need this much cash, it’s that you’re gonna spend it!
So you get out of school. You know how to make money. But no courses were teaching you on how to spend this money wisely actually…
Thankfully, your human nature enters in, and make you spend any penny you make, as fast you earn it! Or even faster…

And you get hit by something that can be life changing either in very positive manners, or in very negative ones. This something is called: habit! You get used to be lazy about preparing your own food, you get out for lunch with colleagues, and out for dinner with friends or wife/family, or you order it.
You see where I’m heading right? ;)

Do it yourself, make money, learn to cook, and increase your sex appeal!

When I started to dive into the ER/FI topic, I was the guy between choice 1 and 2. I wasn’t eating often in restaurant for lunch, but I was still buying almost everyday some cheap and not healthy food. I must admit I’m still buying some nowadays as it so easy to be lazy!

Nevertheless, I crunched the numbers between one person who gets out for lunch everyday at work, compared to one who cook and gets his own food for lunch. Figures are somewhat crazy!
Imagine that you can make CHF 20 1 per 10 minutes. Wouldn’t you like such a job? If you know any work or investment with such a ROI, please let me know! I quit today!!!
If you’re not impressed, let’s scale up a bit: that’s CHF 400/month, or almost CHF 5'000/year!
Still not? In 10 years, by cooking your own food everyday, you would end up CHF 80'000 richer (with 8% compound interests).
Combine that with some <a href=/blog/unlimited-internet-and-mobile-subscription-for-chf-50-yes-in-switzerland/" target="_blank">telecom hacking and you might have enough to buy your first home sooner than you thought.
Isn’t that tempting?!?

The solution is dead simple! Cook your own food. Everyday.

How we usually do it is that we prepare bigger meal portion so there are some left for both of us the next day. Or we just cook two differents meals at a time: one for the evening and one for the next day. It’s damn easy. It takes not more time that normal. And usually it’s more healthy.

And there are two other side effects:

So I ask you: what the hell are you waiting for?!?
For 10 min per day invested you’ll get: life long skills learned, more cash invested, and your sex appeal going up like crazy!!!
What about you stop eating out everyday for lunch, and start cooking at home. Like, starting tomorrow!

Ready to take up the challenge?

I propose you to start the first 30-days-challenge of this blog: let’s build together some habit. I’ll add anyone who wants to participate (ask via comments) in the table below.
The rules:

DateMPYour name here?
11.11.2014Failed 2
20.11.2014Failed 3

I’m looking forward to getting richer with you!

  1. This assumes you average CHF 25 per lunch, to which you substract around CHF 5 for the ingredients’ price of your recipe. ↩︎

  2. Long time planned and awaited Swiss fondue with awesome colleagues. Was worth the money, but still, no excuse, I failed! ↩︎

  3. Business lunch I had to pay for. Again a Swiss fondue…so it was worth the money ;) ↩︎

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