How to earn CHF 200/hour? (and learn about future Swiss financial products before anyone else)

Last updated: January 01, 2024

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Would you like to make CHF 200/hour without having to work too hard, and on top of that being informed about the future Swiss financial products before anyone else?

If it sounds too good to be true, you’re not the only one ;)

When I received the email explaining this service, I thought it was another one of those sponsored article proposals (very attractive financially speaking, but no thanks, not here!), or a dubious scam. I receive a plethora of these emails that know nothing of the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) world, nor of Team MP. The funniest ones are the ones that tell me they love my blog, and propose me to talk about financial services only available in the US or in Asia…

So I thought that this email entitled “User research studies, exclusively for private investors” that I received last week would end up in spam too…

Except that, for once, the proposal was really interesting and genuine (the person knows my nickname “MP” and has read my book). Especially since I already used it myself without knowing that they had a “private investors” category.

Enters TestingTime

This nice money-making tip comes from a Zürich-based startup called TestingTime. Their job is to connect product developers who want to test their new products and services with potential future users. Basically, imagine the employees who develop the UBS mobile e-banking app, well they can “order people” to test their products in preview.

So, TestingTime contacted me because they have testing opportunities specifically for experienced private investors. And in particular, they’re looking for investors interested in testing brand new digital wealth management tools (before they hit the market), and providing feedback to firms like UBS. They explain well the process on their homepage in case you wanna know more. So far, they’ve already managed to “recruit” 176 private investors into their pool of testers. And they are always looking for more, in order to have the best possible diversity to meet their clients’ needs.

On top of all that, TestingTime told me that testing sessions of this target group are paid at an average of CHF 200/hour! Not so bad to be aware of the new trends in the Swiss fintech field :) Especially since you can participate in the tests from anywhere (everything is done via video-conf), it’s free to register in their database, and you can always say you’re not interested if they offer you something too boring.

Participating in tests for non-Mustachian Swiss financial institutions, with fees and all, really?

In talking with the person at TestingTime, I wanted to be transparent by asking:

“Knowing my investment style, don’t you think that all interviews will go the same way, at least with the big and not very innovative banks — like “too expensive”, “you really think your clients are that stupid, seriously?”, etc.)? :)”

Her response:

“I don’t think it’s a problem, because the studies are diverse. Often, the goal is not only to get feedback on the services in general, but also on the UX and your opinion on the technical features. And at worst, if you end up getting bored with the studies, you can stop signing up for tests at any time.”

Not wrong. Especially since the more Mustachians will be giving the same feedback, the more it could potentially change the Swiss financial products in the right direction :)

Make money online via TestingTime and its remote user research sessions

Make money online via TestingTime and its remote user research sessions

“OK, where do I sign MP?!?”

Wait, wait… I’ll give you more details of what they’re looking for so you don’t waste your time filling out a form, only to be told at the end that you don’t have the right profile…

TestingTime is looking for profiles of people who are very experienced in wealth management and/or private equity. Basically, this means about CHF 250'000 of net worth (some of their clients even ask for CHF 500'000 minimum).
They have about 10 test slots per month, and the trend is increasing. So the people who register in the form below will have the best chance to be contacted if they meet the criteria explained above.

Another important point: you will have to sign a NDA (aka Non-Disclosure Agreement) at the beginning of the tests, explaining that you will not be able to reveal anything to your entourage about what you learned during the test sessions (neither the name of the company, nor what you did).

There you go, I think I’m not forgetting anything!

So, if you want to earn more money on top of your job, and you meet the profile criteria, you can register via this TestingTime registration link.

PS: as usual, I only recommend the tools I use myself. At CHF 200 an hour to talk about CHF and wealth, of course I signed up! And for the sake of transparency, if you use the link above, the blog will earn some money, without it changing anything for you — thanks in advance!

PS2: if you happen to also work in a cool Swiss company that could (really) interest the Mustachians, don’t hesitate to contact me

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