Deposit cash on your neon account for free with this neon TWINT hack!

Last updated: February 08, 2022

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The Mustachian community is at it again :D

When I last posted about the best free Swiss digital bank, a reader — thanks Jimmy! — saw that it bothered me a bit that I couldn’t deposit cash for free with neon.

So he replied to me in a comment:

It is possible to deposit your cash for free on your neon account! Just buy a Twint top-up at the Coop => transfer money to your neon account => it’s on your neon account in a few hours or 1 day maximum ;)

Nice “TWINT neon” hack!

And above all, it makes the solution even better than any other bank, because the Coop is about 3x more present on the Swiss territory than any other Swiss bank :)
And digging into the TWINT FAQ, I realized that the network is even more extensive than just Coop, as you can buy these TWINT top-ups (also called TWINT credit codes) at the Swiss Post Office, Coop supermarkets, Coop Brico+Loisirs, and also at Coop City (food and non-food).

Jimmy’s news was very timely, as I had a videoconference scheduled with one of the co-founders of neon to discuss their future features. I told him about this hack, and his answer was quick:

So cool! That’s a really smart way to use the TWINT system to get around the fact that you have to pay for cash deposits to your neon account via the post office normally! I’m going to talk to my FAQ team to see if we can add a line about it :) Thanks to Jimmy anyway!

As we discussed this solution further, he told me that I should still check the maximum cash limit that one can deposit, because there had to be one if TWINT wanted to stay within the anti-money laundering rules.

Jimmy to the rescue again: “Hello MP :) I have Twint Prepaid, and I had been able to top up a maximum of CHF 2500/day on it, but on their site the limit seems to have been lowered to CHF 1'500/day. And there is also a limit of CHF 5'000/year (cf. the TWINT FAQ) for top-ups. As well as another offloading limit of CHF 5'000/year of your TWINT credit (money that can come from your own top-ups, or from other people who have paid you via TWINT) to your bank account.”

It’s better than nothing! And it should be more than enough for our needs with Mrs. MP.

So I’m going to modify my comparison of the best free online Swiss digital bank, and add this bonus point for neon :)

And thanks again to you Jimmy for your very useful comment for the Swiss Mustachian community!

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