finpension strengthens its 3a pillar leading position

Last updated: October 07, 2022

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I don’t know if it was my comment (and probably other Mustachians’) to a finpension manager that changed the game… but anyway, they listened to their customers and adapted :)

finpension reduces its costs again :)

Indeed, finpension has decided to play it more transparent with their pricing marketing, by including VAT in their fees.

Until now, they were selling a tempting 0.39%, but that was exclusive of tax… so in the end with VAT it came to 0.42003%.

But since October 1, 2022, the finpension board of foundation has decided that the fee will be 0.39%, VAT included!

finpension was already mathematically the best 3rd pillar in Switzerland (cf. my detailed pillar 3a comparison here, including the famous “VIAC or finpension” question), and so they reinforce their position.

And some more independence

As good news never comes alone, finpension has also added Swisscanto funds to its list of investment products (as a reminder, they were only working with Credit Suisse funds until now).

It allows them to be less dependent on the goodwill of a single institution, and that, in business, is not so bad! :)

Choice of MP

I for one am still staying with VIAC, mainly because of their really cool mortgage offer.

But if you are looking for a 3a pillar in which to invest your savings before the end of the year (and save about CHF 1'000 in taxes!), then finpension remains the best choice if the lowest fees are the most important for you.

Promo code finpension

Welcome code finpension: the finpension promo code below entitles you to a fee credit of 25 Swiss francs (provided that you transfer or deposit at least CHF 1'000 during the first 12 months after creating a finpension account).

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And you, which 3a pillar did you choose as a Swiss Mustachian?

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