Best unlimited home and mobile internet subscription for Switzerland and abroad (between CHF 84 and CHF 105 for a couple, or between CHF 42 and CHF 64 for one person)

Last updated: November 07, 2019

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Save CHF 2'628/year, or CHF 38'855 in 10 years, are you in?

When I left the family nest, my mobile phone abo was one of the first things I had to pay for out of my own pocket. And at the time I got screwed by choosing one between CHF 75 and CHF 100 per month just for the mobile subscription (and Mrs MP was rather around CHF 125). In addition to that, there was the famous Bluewin Internet subscription and TV, which was also around CHF 100.

In total, we paid about CHF 325/month for telecoms. That is CHF 3'900 per year!

Then, becoming mustachian and frugal over the years, we learned how to hack the system.

If you follow us since the beginning, you know that we tried to switch to Orange with a 4G router modem in order to pay only CHF 100/month for our home internet and mobile unlimited subscription in Switzerland, but that it only worked halfway and that we were finally at CHF 105/month by combining Orange and M-Budget.

Then 2 years later, thanks go to QoQa and Sunrise who allowed us to move to CHF 110/month with home internet and unlimited mobile subscriptions (in Switzerland and also abroad). And this is always thanks to the hack of the 4G router modem where we put our 2nd free SIM card in order to have Internet throughout the house.

The disadvantages of 4G, the countryside, and an apartment too well isolated…

It was really a cool setup, and hacking the system had something to do with it :) (Matrix anyone?!)

Except that after more than two years in the countryside, we faced the following issues:

For me it was working OKayish, although on some days when I worked from home, I thought, just like Mrs. MP, that we needed to find a more stable connection solution.

Seriously, isn't it beautiful this Romandie's countryside?

Seriously, isn't it beautiful this Romandie's countryside?

Sunrise and QoQa again to the rescue!

Then last March, we see the QoQa/Sunrise offer for the Internet at home (200 Mbit/s or 1 Gbit/s, depending on where you live) for only CHF 29/month.

So I talk about it around me and I learn many things:

Given the recurring and painful problems due to our rural life, we decided to subscribe.


Our Swiss setup for home internet and mobile subscription now looks like this:

The proof in pictures:

CHF 42 for Mrs. MP's unlimited Sunrise mobile subscription anywhere in Europe and the US

CHF 42 for Mrs. MP's unlimited Sunrise mobile subscription anywhere in Europe and the US

The same for me :)

The same for me :)

And CHF 22 for a top internet connection, even in the Romandie countryside :)

And CHF 22 for a top internet connection, even in the Romandie countryside :)

If you are lucky enough to have a top-notch 4G network at home, don’t hesitate to test the setup with a 4G router modem for 1-2 weeks, because you could only have to pay CHF 42/month, and save even more!
For the record, the last two routers I tested and that I recommend to my friends from now on are:

And you?

I think you can find even cheaper if you stay in Switzerland and only call in within it. I haven’t done much research but if you have some good tips to share with other readers, don’t hesitate to put a comment in the section below!
One thing I can give you on my side is to follow the blog which shares all the latest telecom news in Switzerland.

If on the other hand you want to have the same setup as me, I recommend you to first put a reminder on December 9, 2019 hoping that QoQa renews its offer with Sunrise for the mobile subscription. And then to put a second reminder in January to look at the QoQa offers until the end of April in order to get the Sunrise’s home internet subscription (but make sure to delete their app afterwards to not be tempted by their other offers :) #frugal).

In any case, let me know what setup you have for home internet and mobile subscription?

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