Ask the readers: which swiss mortgage to choose with pledging a 3a invested in the stock market?

Last updated: February 07, 2024

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Many of you are, or will soon be, renewing your swiss mortgage.

Others want to buy their first home in Switzerland.

And all of you are wondering how best to optimize your mortgage by pledging your 3rd pillar invested in the stock market… and above all, is it even possible?

So I’m preparing a dedicated article to answer these questions.

And I could use your help :)

My opinion on mortgages to date

First of all, let’s agree that, historically, SARON mortgages have always been more advantageous than fixed-rate mortgages. (VZ does a very good job of explaining this in detail).

I also quote this other VZ article :

Good to know: banks mainly recommend fixed-rate mortgages, as they earn considerably more than on Saron mortgages. Mortgage intermediaries also have a vested interest in recommending long-term fixed-rate mortgages, as their commission is higher.

That said, I swear by VIAC for my mortgage.

And this, for three reasons:

  1. VIAC offers the best stock market-invested 3rd pillar in Switzerland, so you don’t want to choose a lesser solution just to be able to use it as collateral for your mortgage
  2. VIAC offers a mortgage solution with very competitive rates
  3. AND MORE: VIAC allows you to pledge 100% of your pillar 3a invested in the stock market, taking into account its total value
VIAC's mortgage solution is really amazing

VIAC's mortgage solution is really amazing

As far as I know, no other bank allows you to put your VIAC pillar 3a (or finpension) as collateral, when the latter is 100% invested in the stock market.

And since it’s NOT A QUESTION to take out a mixed 3rd pillar linked to life insurance (the biggest legal scam in Switzerland), well, that doesn’t leave us much choice.

What is YOUR experience?

I also did a survey to get some MoneyPark feedback some time ago. And how can I put this, the results were rather… mixed.

Hence the question below to help me with the research for my forthcoming article on the best mortgage in Switzerland.

Do you know of a competitive mortgage (in terms of interest rates) that allows you to pledge your pillar 3a invested 100% in VIAC or finpension?

You can reply via the comments section below, or directly by replying to my newsletter email.

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