Ask the readers: Commento or Discourse to replace Disqus (blog comments' system)?

Last updated: January 08, 2020

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This article may seem geeky but not at all so keep reading because your opinion will impact the future of the blog ;)

When I launched my blog in 2014, I had to choose a comment system (the section at the end of each article) in order to be able to debate and open a dialogue with you, dear reader.

At the time, the most popular system among bloggers was a tool called Disqus. Easy to use, included anti-spam, no ads, and free. The decision was quickly made.

Until this year, I didn’t follow their evolution too much because everything worked as usual. Except they started wanting to put ads but I was able to disable the option. Again everything was tip top and I didn’t follow their service more than that.

But last September, while I was editing a draft article, I found that my page was loading really slowly. I had already noticed the phenomenon but I had put the blame on my internet connection. So I took the time to look at what was slowing down the page for so long and then, surprise, it was Disqus!

A Google search later, I learn the following three things:

  1. Disqus was bought by a large media company
  2. This company is active in data reselling and uses comments as an input source for their machine learning algorithms
  3. Disqus greatly slows down the loading time of the sites on which it is installed

So I did some more research and saw that I wasn’t the only one wondering what I was going to do to replace Disqus on the blog.

Alternatives to replace Disqus

After scouring the forums and other in-depth reviews of the commenting tools out there, I came up with a top 2: or Discourse (if you ever know of another great tool that I wouldn’t have seen, please let me know).

And that’s where I’d like to hear from you as a reader who is a regular user of comments.

As a reminder, in case you’ve never posted a comment so far (boooh!), here’s what Disqus looks like:

Disqus on the Mustachian Post blog

Disqus on the Mustachian Post blog

Then here are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the blog commenting tools that I evaluate:


I also put below screenshots of the two solutions in action:

Comments via ''

Comments via ''

Comments via 'Discourse'

Comments via 'Discourse'

What is your favorite commentary solution as a reader?

I really have a hard time deciding because both solutions have advantages that I like. So I thought I’d ask you for your opinion before I made a decision.

Do you vote for Commento or Discourse? (you can vote by putting a comment below, if possible with the why, but not obliged ;))

Note: I wanted to thank you as a member of the Team MP because thanks to you and the other readers, the Google friend has referenced the blog well. And then Corinne Portier, one of the TTC journalists contacted me to do a report on RTS. You can watch it by clicking on this link.

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