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Last updated: January 28, 2016

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Here we are in 2016!

Are you ready to embrace a new year with its load of opportunities?
Or are you more feeling like a boat on a river that just want one thing: follow the flow and see what happen?

Either way, there is no bad or good answer!
Indeed, the sure thing is that it’s up to you! It’s your call! It’s your choice!!!
How is that powerful!?!

Here in Switzerland, I’ve decided to focus this year.
To focus on what I started but didn’t achieve in 2015.
But also to focus on a more precise purpose with this blog!
I let you discover this through my goals below.

2016, or the year of focused goals

Blog goals

1 - Have blogposts available both in English and French
After a discussion with one of my fellow blogger from Switzerland, I came to the point that if I wanted more close connections with my readers, one of the axis would be to focus on local ones.
As I’m from the Romandie part, I will start with French post translation in order to reach a wider audience around me.
In case French is your mother tongue, let me know if you think it will help you to spread the Mustachian Swiss lifestyle with your family, neighbors and co?

2 - Average at least one blogpost per week - i.e. at least 45 posts in 1 year
This one is a real challenge to myself.
Indeed, last year I’ve seen how easy it was to get out of focus due to work overload.
I hope to better manage my time in 2016 and already took productivity measures so that it works out.
Let’s see if I get successful!

3 - Write between 15 and 30 minutes per weekday

Strong habit skills make hard work easier!

Same as for item #2, I take over this one from 2015 in order to hone my habit building skill.
Strong habits make hard work easier!

4 - Setup a newsletter email for new blogposts published
One more taken from 2015.
I’m a big fan of newsletter as it avoids me to follow too much on social networks…and then get lost in there for hours.
Instead, I receive emails of my favorite blogs, read it, take action if any, then archive.
No temptation to procrastinate on Facebook or Twitter.

Money goals

5 - Average 40% of monthly savings
Last year, our household ended up with a decent savings rate of 37.2%. Still 3% missing to be on track.
With our fixed costs normally reduced with our new home, I hope we’ll be able to get over the 40% mark in 2016!!!

6 - Rebuild our emergency fund up to CHF 15'000
After an (almost) all-in for our new home, we won’t invest much in the stock market in 2016.
Instead, we’ll invest into our financial security by putting aside at least CHF 15'000 of cash cushion.
I found it quite funny that I included this goal into my list while just yesterday, my fellow UK blogger Weenie published a post where she explained how important it is to have an emergency fund!

Reading goals

Thanks to this blog, I’ve rediscovered the pleasure to read. And to learn stuff.
It’s so sad to see how you’re enforced to read and learn anything but what you like during your childhood and teenage years…
I find it dramatic that I may have lost for the rest of my life the deep satisfaction that one feels once he learnt a new thing that get him forward in a given field.

If I may give you one advice in this post, it would be to figure out what you deeply like, then to go to your library or to Amazon.
You can be sure you will find a book related to what you’re passionate about!
Just order it, and start to read. And enjoy!

7 - Read “The Miracle Morning”
After having tried to wake up for a few days at 5am, I really want to know and find more tips and tricks on 1/ how to build this habit strongly and 2/ on how to make the most of this 1.25h additionnal daily availability.
My fellow UK blogger Huw Davies confirmed that it was worth to read it.

8 - Read “The magic of thinking big”
I hope to find in this book some help in how to shape my ideation process when it comes to building passive income - by thinking bigger than what I usually do.
I’m sure I’ll learn some stuff even if it doesn’t provide me everything I wait from it.

9 - Read “The millionaire next door”
There are two reasons why I want to read this book.
First, because it contains the word “Millionaire” in its title which happen to be one of my life goals.
Second - and this one is a funny one - because I wanna know how many characteristics I have in common with the “millionaire next door” persona - like driving a Prius for instance!

10 - Read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing” by Marie Kondo
This tidying method is also known as the “KondoMari” method.
As an organization freak, I felt urged to read this book when I stumble upon various smart people mentioning it in their posts.
Moreover when I read the cover 3 months before the move to our new home, the timing was so perfect that I dropped my ongoing reading (see goal #11 below) to start it right away at the end of last year.
I will report to you with a blogpost describing the action points I applied to our move.

11 - Read “Your money or your life”
“Goal debt” from last year.
I got into it while I was in holidays. And then, busy at work, I stopped in the middle…
To be honest, I’m not sure it’s worth my reading time as I wasn’t that hooked into it after the first third part.
But still, I would like to 1/ finish to read it and 2/ know if I put it in my “must read” list.

Health goals

12 - Go to sport training once a week from beginning of March
Back in September last year, I decided to not renew my sport subscription as I knew we were going to move six months later.
I unfortunately didn’t take enough care to replace my weekly habit by another one. Then you know how it goes… Drop sport training one week, and it’s gone for life!
Once our move will be done, I commit here to get back on my bike weekly, enjoying the countryside in which we’ll be by then!

And you guys and gals, what challenges did you set yourself for the amazing upcoming 2016?!?

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