Best broker 2022 investing in Switzerland

Last updated: September 18, 2022

So you're now convinced that investing in Switzerland is your next step towards financial independence in CH?

Then, logically, your next question will be:

"What's the best online broker in 2022 for a Swiss investor?"

To cut a long story short, my recommendation for a Swiss investor broker remains the same since 2019:

  1. Interactive Brokers, and even more since 01.07.2021 as they have eliminated their inactivity fee — 10 USD/month when your account balance was below 100kCHF. This is THE cheapest online broker of choice for any Swiss Mustachian, no matter how much you have to invest!
  2. DEGIRO, if you don't like American companies, and are looking for the best and cheapest online broker in Europe
  3. Cornèrtrader, if you absolutely want a Swiss online broker. But make sure you buy securities at least once a quarter or you will be charged a CHF 35/quarter inactivity fee

You can read the details that led me to this online broker ranking in this original 2016 article, and its updated version of 2018.

Complete tutorials Interactive Brokers and DEGIRO

Start to invest in the stock market is a challenge. I went through it in 2013 when I started my FIRE adventure in Switzerland.

That's why I created two complete tutorials (opening an account, buying stocks, etc.) for my favorite online brokers:

=> 1. Interactive Brokers Epic Guide 2022
Logo Interactive Brokers

=> 2. DEGIRO Epic Guide 2022


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