Earn CHF 70 of cashback in 15 minutes (via Rabattcorner)

N.B. if you have an addiction to games, close this page directly, I wouldn't want to be responsible for making you fall back into it!

The title of my article is really clickbait, and yet it's not for lack of trying to turn it differently ^^

Anyway, as long as it works and it allows us to increase our net worth by a few dozen CHF, we won't deprive ourselves :)

I would like to thank Sidonie who shared this tip with me: thanks, you're doing great!

Summary of the steps to get your CHF 70

  1. You open an account on Rabattcorner
  2. You register on jackpots.ch via Rabattcorner (to activate the CHF 75 cashback)
  3. You deposit CHF 5 on jackpots (this is the minimum amount required)
  4. You wait a few weeks
  5. You withdraw your CHF 70 (= 75 cashback - 5 that you have deposited on the jackpots.ch account)

Detailed explanation

I had already explained to you in a previous article that I regularly use the Rabattcorner cashback platform to get cashback on my online purchases in Switzerland (about a hundred francs per year) via their partner stores.

And as Sidonie noticed, Rabattcorner has a partnership with the Swiss online casino Jackpots.ch

NOTE: You already know my opinion on casino games: I avoid them! And I concentrate on sharpening my Mustachian lifestyle which will assure me a much more certain creation of wealth.
But Sidonie being a Mustachian reader too, her e-mail caught my attention.

To earn those CHF 70, here's how it works:

1 - You open an account on Rabattcorner by following this link

Create your (free) account on Rabattcorner

2 - You confirm your Rabattcorner account by clicking on the activation link received by e-mail

Confirmation of your Rabattcorner account creation

3 - You search the seller site "jackpots.ch" on Rabattcorner

Search for jackpots.ch

4 - On the Rabattcorner website, click on the link that will take you to the jackpots.ch website (this is where you can collect your CHF 75, because jackpots.ch knows that you came via your Rabattcorner account)

Go to jackpots.ch from the Rabattcorner website

5 - Create an account on jackpots.ch

Account creation on jackpots.ch

Account creation on jackpots.ch (bis)

6 - You confirm your jackpots.ch account activation by clicking on the link received by e-mail

Confirmation of account creation on jackpots.ch

7 - You send the front and back photo of your ID to validate your jackpots.ch casino account (required to validate your account as it is a legal gambling)

FAQ account verification jackpots.ch

8 - You deposit CHF 5 (minimum possible) via your credit card, and get CHF 5 free bonus credit at jackpots.ch

Deposit of CHF 5 on your jackpots.ch account

Deposit of CHF 5 on your jackpots.ch account (bis)

9 - You have fun until you run out of credit (I told myself that if I won more than CHF 20, then I would withdraw my winnings — but I lost everything before reaching CHF 20!)

We have fun, and as soon as there is no more credit we go to the next step! (be careful, it's addictive, even I got caught up in the game)

10 - You deactivate all promotional email and SMS notifications so that you are never tempted to play again

Go to the 'Account Settings' section

Uncheck all notifications

11 - You log out of your jackpots.ch account and never come back!

Logging out of jackpots.ch

12 - You first receive an initial transaction confirmation email, then you wait a few weeks to receive this email from Rabattcorner, and you withdraw your CHF 70 :)

Confirmation of transaction on jackpots.ch via the Rabattcorner cashback system

Confirmation of your cashback payment :)

What to do with this kind of savings?

As usual with our savings, each of our CHF 70 to Mrs. MP and myself will be directly invested in the stock market (via our broker Interactive Brokers) so that they make babies.

And thanks to the magic of compound interest, these CHF 140 will be worth CHF 312 in 10 years :) Now it's up to you!

If you have other good deals like this via a cashback system in Switzerland, I'm happy to hear from you (reply to any of my emails to share this with me).

In the meantime, I wish you a good harvest of your CHF 70 on Rabattcorner :D


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