Cancellation of health insurance and change of health insurance company in Switzerland

It's time again to compare health insurance plans to see if we'll switch or not this year to maximize our frugal spending.

And this year, I finally remembered to use the best health insurance comparison tool in Switzerland on the official website of the Swiss Confederation "Priminfo" (and not Comparis or anything else that puts sponsored items in between results that you can quickly get screwed over).

Reminder rule change health insurance in Switzerland: you can change your health insurance company by giving notice of termination of the basic health insurance (aka KVG/LAMal) no later than one month before the new premiums come into effect. Since the new health insurance premiums take effect on January 1 of each year, your termination must therefore reach the health insurance company by November 30 2022, at the latest.

Reminder health insurance choice of the MP family until 2022

Readers who have been following the blog for a long time know that we have been with Assura for several years now.

This was the most frugal option we could find with our search criteria, namely:

  • Mr MP and Mrs MP: deductible of CHF 2'500, Pharmed model (to be able to choose our family doctor and not have him imposed on us)
  • Children MP: deductible of CHF 0, Pharmed model also

Until now, we paid the following monthly health insurance premiums with Assura:

  • Mr MP: CHF 273.65
  • Mrs MP: CHF 273.65
  • Kid MP 1: CHF 95.25
  • Kid MP 2: CHF 95.25
  • Total health insurance until 2022: CHF 737.80/month

Using health insurance comparison tool priminfo

So I went to enter my info and that of Mrs. MP and the kids on the official federal "Priminfo" website to compare health insurance premiums:

Entering my information on priminfo

Best Swiss health insurance results for Mr. and Mrs. MP

You can also sort the list by deductible amount

Ditto, we compare health insurance premiums for MP children

Comparison of MP children's health insurance with a CHF 0 deductible

Verdict health insurance choice 2023 MP family

The result of the comparison is clear: KPT is the most frugal insurance for the MP family.

That's what we're talking about in numbers, monthly:

  • Assura MP family 2023: CHF 789.20
  • KPT MP family 2023: CHF 716.60
  • Difference = CHF 72.60 in favor of KPT (= 789.20 — 716.60)

First of all, the funniest thing: we are going to have a decrease in health insurance premiums in 2023 for MPs :D

Then, we are talking about a potential annual savings of CHF 871.20 (= 72.60 x 12).

And over 10 years, by investing this amount in the stock market via my favorite broker Interactive Brokers, that will make us CHF 13'648 more in our pocket!!!

All this for the small effort of sending a registered letter to cancel my Assura health insurance, and filling out a small form to take out our health insurance with KPT for 2023!

Knowing that this change took me about 1h15 to do everything, that's for a crazy return!

Account creation at KPT

If you also decide to take out your KVG/LAMal health insurance with KPT, I've made a few screenshots of their registration process (pretty well done):

KPT health insurance for the MP family

Choice of KPT health insurance model for Mr. MP

Summary of KPT KVG/LAMal health insurance subscription for the whole family MP

And the last step:

How do I cancel Assura? Just send a registered letter and it's done!

Sample letter to cancel KVG/LAMal health insurance

If you also want to cancel your KVG/LAMal health insurance (no matter if Assura or other), here is a standard insurance letter that you just have to fill in, sign and send by registered mail to your health insurance before 30.11.2022:

Download sample cancellation letter for health insurance (in French) >

Download sample cancellation letter for health insurance (in German) >


It feels weird to go through all these health insurance changes again... I'm borderline happy because I feel like I'm back in 2013 when I was optimizing all my contracts to become the Mustachian that I am today :)

Anyway, I'll give you my opinion on KPT when I have all my access.

And concerning Assura, even if I cancel with them, I can confirm that it is only for a question of health insurance premium because it has always gone well and I have always been very satisfied.

And you, are cancelling your KVG/LAMal health insurance this year? If so, who are you going with? And also, do you have any opinion about KPT?


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