I can't wait for Sunday evenings!

The day before Monday is still a bit gloomy... even if we like our jobs, we don't want to go back sometimes... often... :)

16h40. You realize that the weekend is almost over.

It is often in these moments that we realize with Mrs. MP that time passes too quickly with our children...

We say to ourselves that we must take advantage even more of each moment to store up nice memories together.

It's kind of a downer...

Well, that was before.

We love Sunday evenings at the MP family!

While discussing Sunday evenings with my Kid MP #2, an idea came to us.

Every Sunday evening, we could introduce a TV-dinner in front of one single screen.

I love these yellow characters :D Mrs MP a little less ^^

This would have the advantage of making us share the same thing, to discuss it during and after. This would strengthen the family bond and our memories.

But that's not the most innovative part.

The little extra that changed everything

In addition to the "family TV dinner every Sunday evening", we added the following rule: we choose each in turn the program. And the others have neither the right to complain, nor the right to go to bed, nor the right to take their cell phones!

The kids are like crazy because they can finally get us to watch The Minions or teen shows on Netflix (how cheesy is that... it can't be, we didn't watch that before... reassure me, please!)

Mrs. MP is also like a nut, because when it's her turn, you can be sure that she chooses a very Frenchy comedy...

As for me, well, I have fun proposing documentaries like "Échappées Belles " or even "Into the Wild " (big failure, we rented it in... German version... so I had to find a plan B but it's only a matter of time).

'Happiness is only real when shared'

In the end, Mrs. MP got hooked and now, if we miss a Sunday evening because we are not at home, she finds us a replacement day during the week!

This means that we share on many different subjects between adults, and also with our children.

And nothing can buy such memories!

What's your best plan for creating the best family memories for no money AND with fun?

Photo credits: Pexels (August from Richelieu), Universal Studios, Paramount/Vantage


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