CHF 338.10 earned in one year with my Amex Cashback from Swisscard!

We have been using the free Cashback American Express credit card from Swisscard for all our purchases in Switzerland for a year now.

If you remember, it took me a while to apply for the Cashback Amex because I thought American Express credit cards were accepted almost nowhere in Switzerland.
While chatting with some readers via the blog comments and the forum, I realized that I was out of date...

Because indeed, I am surprised even now to see the high rate of adoption at the Amex in Switzerland.

Cash that comes in without doing anything — except choosing the right payment method for our CHF purchases!

The Cashback Amex has therefore become our default credit card for all our payments in CHF in Switzerland and online (and we use the Cumulus Mastercard when the American Express isn't accepted). All this in order to optimize the cashback we can get by simply changing the type of credit card we use.

I should also point out that this is a 100% free credit card the first year, but all subsequent years as well (like the Cumulus Mastercard).

The result is: CHF 338.10 in cashback after this first year of use. That's great!

If you're wondering how this cashback actually works, it's quite simple.

Swisscard indicates on each monthly invoice the amount of CHF you have accumulated, and when it will be credited to you.

Then, when the time comes (once a year, that is), you see on your credit card bill a little new line in "-" compared to all your other expenses in "+". In pictures it looks like this:

The deduction of our annual cashback credit on our Swisscard Cashback invoice

If you want to follow this same frugal credit card strategy, you can order your free Amex Cashback via this link.

And you, which credit card do you use for your purchases in CHF in Switzerland and online? And above all, why (advantages, cashback, etc.)?

N.B. the only reason to use a credit card as a Swiss Mustachian is for this cashback. This implies the intransgressible rule: you always pay your bills in their entirety as soon as you receive them. If you don't feel up to it, archive this article right now and move on to the next one!


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