"How to make extra money on top of my salary through a side hustle in Switzerland?" — Introducing the new series

"Earning CHF 1'000 more per month, would you like that?

As you know, building wealth to become FIRE requires widening the moat between income and expenses to increase your savings rate as much as possible.

This is where frugalism comes into play to help you save as much as possible by constantly optimizing your expenses.

That's why I talk about it so much on this blog.

But a moat has two sides.

On the one hand there are expenses, and on the other hand there is income. And I've been neglecting the latter a bit until today.

The reason?

I was afraid that earning more money would make me less attentive to our expenses, and therefore that these would increase over time... But I think that my frugal muscle is now strong enough after six years of FIRE adventure not to be fooled by lifestyle inflation.

Because as much as cutting expenses is one of the best ways to achieve financial independence early on, it has its limits. Because you can't spend less than, say, CHF 0. On the other hand, the income you can earn has no limits.

That's why I've decided to start this new series which aims to explore all possible and unimaginable side jobs to make ends meet.

Everybody has opportunities to earn extra income. Everybody. Even you who's reading those lines. Just grab them. Think about it, there's got to be a few things you can do better than any other human being on this earth. And it's among those things that an entrepreneur like you needs to find his niche where you can bring value to these people, and get paid for it.

So I interviewed readers who have taken the step of having a side gig or a second job in order to earn an additional income at the end of each month.

My goal is simple: to break that glass ceiling that prevents you from starting a side job. And this, by inspiring you through concrete cases of Swiss entrepreneurs, who are members of the Team MP, just like you.

How to make money on top of your salary?

So we're going to talk about money without taboos. About cash. About how to make money. And this in all transparency so that you can use it as inspiration for you to start a side business too.

When I say "in full transparency", I'm obviously referring to the figures. But I'm also (and above all) talking about how to find such opportunities, and the time that such an ancillary income takes. And since we're on a blog, you'll also be able to ask all your additional questions via the comments in "zero taboo" mode!

So, if you're wondering how to get rich, then you've come to the right place. But you're going to have to do something about it, and it's not going to be easy! You are a Mustachian after all, aren't you? Because it's worth it.

The proof is mathematical.

If tomorrow you start earning CHF 1'000/month extra and invest it at a 7% return over the next ten years, then you will end up with CHF 177'408 more savings in a decade's time. And the thing about incidental income is that once you get a taste for it and realize that you can generate it, then nothing can stop you.

And believe me, if any of the blog's readers managed to do it, then I don't see why you couldn't. There's no reason at all.

Are you already earning an extra income?

If you are already one of those who have found a way to earn money through a second job in addition to your current job, then I am interested in interviewing you in this series of articles. Whether it's a home-based job, an online job, a crazy job, a job that earns you CHF 100, or one that earns you CHF 10'000 more per month, I'll take anything as long as you share all the details with the members of the Team MP. Please contact me at contact [at] mustachianpost.com

List of blogposts in the "How to make extra money on top of my salary through a side hustle in Switzerland?" series

  1. Mathieu earns CHF 1'000 per month simply by sharing his professional knowledge!
  2. Tom makes up to CHF 1'500/month of additional income from his two passions
  3. Nicole's side business has become her main income
  4. Simon makes CHF 21'000 per month (!!!) on YouTube


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