Introducing the new series "Your story"

Since the beginning of the blog, I've had the chance to exchange with many of you. A certain category of these emails particularly inspires me.

The reader's message often begins with an explanation of what his life was like before he fell into the Swiss Mustachian / FIRE movement: living from paycheck to paycheck, spending without really counting, a few difficult end of months, even debts. Often without a budget. And frequently without any knowledge of personal finance or the stock market.

My favourite part then follows: the change of mindset after reading the blog and the forum with all the financial optimizations that come with it. The most remarkable ones are the ones that go from "In debt" to "Investor". Respect.

Even I, who spends my time writing about personal finance, was able to get financial change ideas. Like when this reader challenged me about my car insurance which was still too expensive and could be optimized by switching to Smile Direct. Which I did. It saved me an additional CHF 151.20 a year.

Reflecting on all these inspiring exchanges with the members of the Team MP, I told myself that I couldn't keep it all for me. That I should share them on the blog so that you too could draw inspiration for your own life.

So I wrote to each of these readers to get their permission to publish our exchanges. I would like to thank those who have already responded positively, because your decision could change lives (at least financially speaking).

So here it is, this new series of articles called "Your Story" is officially launched. I will update this page with every new article published.

If you too are interested in sharing your inspirational journey with Team MP members, please email me at contact [at]

List of blogposts in the "Your Story" series

  1. From poverty to more than 50% savings rate with long time reader "1000000CHF"
  2. From pasta rationing to a 25% monthly savings rate (Your Story #2)
  3. From ordinary Swiss tenant to frugal homeowner (Your Story #3)
  4. Self-build house through frugality (Your story #4)
  5. CHF 25 million net worth (Your story #5)
  6. Craving for part-time... or how to get started with frugality (Your story #6)


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