eBill on Zak only arrives at the beginning of 2020... (and what I plan to do)

We are in the process of migrating from our old bank (BCV) to Zak in order to no longer pay anything regarding bank fees.

As I explained in my last article (incl. a complete checklist), I was looking forward to eBill being supported on Zak to complete my switch.

Zak being very transparent on their public roadmap, we could see there that the eBill feature would be ready by the end of 2019. Except that recently (thanks @Flo for letting me know!), Zak moved the eBill in its "backlog" (aka its list of features to be developed in the future). Bummer! But I don't blame them because they might also not have been transparent and only tell us when it was really ready. Personally, I prefer transparency!

The potential good news is that when I looked at their Trello board this morning, I could see that they were working hard on the eBill thingy, and that they aim to release it early 2020:

eBill for Zak will be available early 2020

I'm migrating everything to Zak before the end of 2019 anyway!

On my side, I made the decision to migrate everything to Zak right now because it is becoming tedious to manage two bank accounts.

I am therefore cancelling all my eBill registrations on BCV (taking care to note them in a reminder for January 2020 in the hope that it will be available on Zak by then).

Bye bye eBills on BCV!

What will happen is that I will receive these invoices again via email (or postmail...), but it's fine as it's for a few months.

I will write a dedicated article with a picture of the beer I will be drinking on the day I have the confirmation of the closure of our BCV account :D

And you, what are you doing? Are you waiting until eBill is available to switch to Zak or not?

Note: as a reminder, you are entitled to CHF 50 of welcome cash by using the code "ONLYMP" when you register on Zak via their mobile app.


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