My fitness membership at CHF 0.- (and 4kgs less!)

I have been working for several months to invest more in my health. Because even with CHF 2 million in the bank when I turn 40, it won't be of much use to me if my body is no longer fit...

Since we bought our home, I've been trying to go regularly to our forest to run or have a bike ride. But every year, as winter approached, I went there less and less due to the rain, dark coming at 5pm, the snow, the cold. Excuses, more excuses, you will tell me. But that doesn't change the fact that I wasn't going anymore.

And you know how it goes: you miss once, then a second time, and the cycle is broken...

Christmas is coming and you are getting 3-4kgs fatter which you will have a hard time losing again by the summer.

One of the beaches of Lake Geneva. Nothing to envy the Mediterranean! (credits:

So I was looking for another solution that would allow me to stay in shape over the long term, that would take little time, and that would be feasible wherever I went (like even on vacation with my in-laws!)

7 minutes/day, CHF 0, 4kgs less

At the end of last year, I came across this article from the Human Performance Institute in Orlando (Florida) which already dates from 2013.

It scientifically proves that 7 minutes of physical training per day decreases waist and hip circumference, as well as fat mass.

The group that trained during the study did this exercise for 6 months. On average, the researchers noted a loss of 4cm of waist and hip circumference, as well as -1.8kgs of fat mass.

According to my Mustachian guiding principle of efficiency, I was hooked by the concept! The exercise program has been specifically designed to be practiced everywhere (I tested it in a hotel during a business trip, and at my in-laws' as well ^^) and to work the whole body in a harmonious way.

And all this in only 7 minutes.

So I downloaded the free "7 Minute Workout: Fitness App" (there are plenty of them).

Start screen

Exercice choices...

Exercice choices...

Creating your...

Exercices 1/2

Exercices 2/2

Detail view...

At the end of last year, I set myself the objective of doing the "Classic" program at least once a week.
Seeing that it relieved my lower back pain (thanks dear days spent in front of a laptop), I have increased the rhythm to 4-5 times a week since the beginning of the year.

The two secrets of the fact that I can maintain this motivation are:

  • I have defined a "ritual" moment in the day (between 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm) when I do my workout (commitment to myself)
  • I told Mrs. MP and the children that I was back to workout every night for 7 minutes (commitment to others to create this sense of "accountability"). So sometimes when I'm not motivated, I hear a "Dad, don't you do your workout today?"

Here is what I managed to reach in terms of consistency over the last 6 months:

September 2018

October 2018

November 2018

December 2018

January 2019

February 2019

March 2019

And regarding results:

  • Loss of 4kgs
  • No more pain in my lower back when I lift the 25kgs of MP kid #1 or when I get up in the morning :)
  • Increased muscle mass — I don't have a weighing scale that measures that, but you can see it with the naked eye when you look at my biceps, thighs, and abs

Health, a source of wealth

If we compare it with someone who goes to the gym for 1 hour a week, I end up doing only about 30-40 minutes of sport.
On the other hand, the advantage is that I can do this wherever I want, even when I'm on holiday (I've already told you about my mother-in-law?! :D), and also when I'm on a business trip.
In the long term, I therefore have less chance of abandoning or breaking the cycle, so it is an advantage (for me at least).

And if we add to that the "Money" factor, then I am definitely convinced.
By maintaining this rhythm over the next 10 years, I will be 14,000 richer by 2029. Not so bad for 7 minutes of personal investment a day!
And that's not to mention the diseases and osteo sessions less!

I have finally found a combined life and health insurance offer, at CHF 0 :)

And you, how do you manage workout/sport training? Do you see your body as your most important asset?

Note: my osteopath advised me to practice exercises for upper and lower back flexibility (yoga type) in addition to such muscle strengthening. If you know of an app/blog/Youtube channel, please let me know!


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