Blogger Savings Rate Index 2017

Last updated: March 13, 2018

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Two years ago, I looked for ways to improve our savings rate.

As it’s one of the most powerful personal finance tool to reach Financial Independence, I wanted to study how the leaders in this topic were reaching crazy figures every month.

Hence I created the Blogger Savings Rate Index (aka. #BSRI) in order to get inspired by my fellow personal finance bloggers.

Last year was the third edition of the #BSRI.

Blogger Savings Rate Index 2017

No more talking, let’s get to the final ranking of the #BSRI 2017 vintage!

    Badass Savers Platinum (≥ 70%)

  1. Frugalisten | 72% (Germany, Single)
  2. Badass Savers Gold (≥ 55%)

  3. Cheesy Finance | 66% (Netherlands, Family)
  4. My Financial Shape | 65.9% (Liechtenstein, Family)
  5. Retire In Progress | 63.5% (Switzerland, Couple)
  6. Financieel Onafhankelijk | 63% (Netherlands, Couple)
  7. 20 Something Lawyer | 59.6% (Philippines, Couple)
  8. Hippies de Land Rover | 57.3% (Switzerland, Family)
  9. Viver à Portuguesa | 57% (Switzerland, Single)
  10. Primal Matrix | 55.9% (Switzerland, Single)
  11. Badass Savers Silver (≥ 40%)

  12. Mariimma | 54% (Netherlands, Single)
  13. FireMe | 49% (Netherlands, Family)
  14. Weenie | 42.4% (United Kingdom, Single)
  15. Niet tot 71 | 41.7% (Netherlands, Couple)
  16. Meneer en Mevrouw | 41% (Netherlands, Couple)
  17. Gezond Leven | 41% (Netherlands, Couple)
  18. Badass Savers Bronze (< 40%)

  19. The Dividend Family Guy | 37% (USA, Family)
  20. Mustachian Post | 35.8% (Switzerland, Family)
  21. Budget365 | 30.5% (Ireland, Couple)
  22. theFIREstarter | 22.8% (United Kingdom, Family)
  23. The Poor Swiss | 18.2% (Switzerland, Single)
*N.B: some of the registered blogs on the #BSRI 2017 were either discontinued or not updated, hence I removed them from the list as they might not be relevant for you anymore. In case I get news from these, I will keep the list updated accordingly.* ## BSRI Badges 2017 If you were adventurous enough to be listed on the second edition of the #BSRI, below are your badges that you can use to share the wisdom on your blog or any other media. *Source file Platinum badge: HD / LD* *Source file Gold badge: HD / LD* *Source file Silver badge: HD / LD* *Source file Bronze badge: HD / LD*

I count on you dear readers to spread the word so we are even more people on this index in 2018.

So, what was your savings rate in 2017?

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