Blogger Savings Rate Index 2017

Two years ago, I looked for ways to improve our savings rate.

As it's one of the most powerful personal finance tool to reach Financial Independence, I wanted to study how the leaders in this topic were reaching crazy figures every month.

Hence I created the Blogger Savings Rate Index (aka. #BSRI) in order to get inspired by my fellow personal finance bloggers.

Last year was the third edition of the #BSRI.

Blogger Savings Rate Index 2017

No more talking, let's get to the final ranking of the #BSRI 2017 vintage!

    Badass Savers Platinum (≥ 70%)

  1. Frugalisten | 72% (Germany, Single)
  2. Badass Savers Gold (≥ 55%)

  3. Cheesy Finance | 66% (Netherlands, Family)
  4. My Financial Shape | 65.9% (Liechtenstein, Family)
  5. Retire In Progress | 63.5% (Switzerland, Couple)
  6. Financieel Onafhankelijk | 63% (Netherlands, Couple)
  7. 20 Something Lawyer | 59.6% (Philippines, Couple)
  8. Hippies de Land Rover | 57.3% (Switzerland, Family)
  9. Viver à Portuguesa | 57% (Switzerland, Single)
  10. Primal Matrix | 55.9% (Switzerland, Single)
  11. Badass Savers Silver (≥ 40%)

  12. Mariimma | 54% (Netherlands, Single)
  13. FireMe | 49% (Netherlands, Family)
  14. Weenie | 42.4% (United Kingdom, Single)
  15. Niet tot 71 | 41.7% (Netherlands, Couple)
  16. Meneer en Mevrouw | 41% (Netherlands, Couple)
  17. Gezond Leven | 41% (Netherlands, Couple)
  18. Badass Savers Bronze (< 40%)

  19. The Dividend Family Guy | 37% (USA, Family)
  20. Mustachian Post | 35.8% (Switzerland, Family)
  21. Budget365 | 30.5% (Ireland, Couple)
  22. theFIREstarter | 22.8% (United Kingdom, Family)
  23. The Poor Swiss | 18.2% (Switzerland, Single)

N.B: some of the registered blogs on the #BSRI 2017 were either discontinued or not updated, hence I removed them from the list as they might not be relevant for you anymore. In case I get news from these, I will keep the list updated accordingly.

BSRI Badges 2017

If you were adventurous enough to be listed on the second edition of the #BSRI, below are your badges that you can use to share the wisdom on your blog or any other media.

Source file Platinum badge: HD / LD

Source file Gold badge: HD / LD

Source file Silver badge: HD / LD

Source file Bronze badge: HD / LD

I count on you dear readers to spread the word so we are even more people on this index in 2018.

So, what was your savings rate in 2017?


"Your articles are great MP, but there are so many that I don't know where to start to achieve my financial freedom. What would you recommend?"

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