4 Years Blog Anniversary, and a Break!

The blog celebrates its 4 years today! The more time goes by, and the more I am proud to succeed in keeping this site up and running. And this, with as much energy and motivation, as well as a growing list of article ideas: this announces only positive stuff for the future of MustachianPost.

This year, however, I won't go through a 2017 retrospective, nor talk about what will come in 2018. I won't not do it because of a lack of envy, but because I unfortunately don't have the time for it...

Which brings me to the (bad) news: I'm going to take a break with the blog until about the end of March. This decision was hard to take, but my "One thing" will be another project than the blog during the next three months.
I can't give you more details unfortunately, but what's sure is that I'll share with you what I learn from this incredible experience in future articles in one way or another.

This blogpost will be one of the shortest I have written but I did't want you, dear (new and old) readers, to think that the blog was dead: it's still very well alive, but just on break for a quarter. I can't wait to be in April!

In the meantime, if you are short of Mustachian Swiss news, I recommend you to have a look at the list of previous articles to read those you have not yet discovered — ideally accompanied by a good glass of champagne, red wine, or beer to properly celebrate the 4 years of the blog!

And you, what will your 2018 year look like? New projects? New money coming in?


"Your articles are great MP, but there are so many that I don't know where to start to achieve my financial freedom. What would you recommend?"

After 1 year of deep work, here is my answer condensed in a single work:

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