"How to fill your tax declaration in Vaud Canton with VaudTax" guide, step 2

In the last blogpost, we filled the first three parts of our Swiss tax declaration (for the Canton of Vaud), namely: Personal Data, Income, and Professional Fees.

Next, let's dive into the Wealth, Real Estate, and Debts.

Step 5: Wealth

Let's declare MP's secret yacht!

Tadaaa! Our Toyota Prius is so expensive ;)

Step 6: Real Estate

In this blogpost serie, I will play the tenant role. For all the home owners amongst the readers: don't worry, there will be a dedicated article about real estates taxes. Stay tuned.

Step 7: Debts

Here you can claim debt, leasing, or mortgage. For the latter, it will be included in the article referenced in the previous paragraph. For the two others: go fix this debt now so you don't need to bother with this section next year!

Some additional information about the numbers on the screenshot:

  • Point 1: this is where we will deduct your mortgage in the home owner taxes' future article
  • Point 2: if you have a leasing or credit card debt (although that's forbidden on the MP blog!), you can input these things in here
  • Point 3: in case you have securities that had negative interests, you can declare them as well

Next steps

Again, three more steps that were relatively easy — moreover as a tenant.
In the next blogpost, it will be more interesting with the categories Status of Securities, Deductions, and Other Informations.
Depending on how many screenshots I will end up with, I may add a fourth article for the Summary and Sending parts.

And if I missed some tax savings tips on the screenshots above, please let me know in the comments section below!


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