Be Grateful

Yet another year has gone by. What a better time than Holiday Season to be grateful. Grateful for the life you have. Grateful for the education you received that led you to discover the realm of financial independence. Grateful to have a warm shelter. Grateful to have all what you got in 2016. Because that's already more than enough.

On my side, I'm grateful for the following things that happened this year:

  • Our move to our new home — warm, full of love, perfectly matching our expectations
  • Live in the country side where we enjoy to raise our children close to the wild
  • Have kids that are healthy and fill our lives with joy (and stress sometimes)
  • Have a wife who supports my crazy ideas about optimizing everything, from our savings rate to our Internet connection
  • Have a well engineered car that is still reliable
  • Exchange and learn so much new things with our Swiss FIRE community, that helps to speed up my journey towards Financial Independence
  • Realize that my efforts to spread the FIRE word start to pay off with 6'500 visitors in 2016, who had 13'000 sessions, viewed 31'000 pages, and let 317 comments — hopefully awareness about Financial Independence in Switzerland will continue to increase in 2017
  • Stumble upon the Minimalism documentary that altered my life in so many ways — about the important things as they describe it, like health, mindfulness, consumerism, purpose, and so much more
  • Have access to exceptionnal resources from the best brains out there such as the How to write better course or The Miracle Morning book (Amazon DE, FR, UK, US)

The last but most important thing I'm grateful for is to be alive, and to be able to wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year's Eve times.

And remember: Financial Independence is a great life direction, but don't forget to enjoy the now.

I look forward to discovering what 2017 will reserve us! See you next year folks!

What are you grateful for?


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