Blogger Savings Rate Index 2015

Last year, I was looking for ways to improve our savings rate.

As it's one of the most powerful personal finance tool to reach Financial Independence, I wanted to study how the leaders in this topic were reaching crazy figures every month.

Hence I created the Blogger Savings Rate Index (aka. #BSRI) in order to get inspired by my fellow personal finance bloggers.

Blogger Savings Rate Index 2015

No more talking, let's get to the final ranking of the #BSRI 2015 vintage!

Badass Savers Platinum (≥ 70%)

Badass Savers Gold (≥ 55%)

Badass Savers Silver (≥ 40%)

Badass Savers Bronze (< 40%)

  • #10 Mustachian Post | 37.2% (Switzerland, Family)
  • #11 White Collar Freedom | 25.8% (Singapore, Couple)

N.B: some of the registered blogs on the #BSRI 2015 were either discontinued or not updated, hence I removed them from the list as they might not be relevant for you anymore. In case I get news from these, I will keep the list updated accordingly.

BSRI 2015 badges

If you were adventurous enough to be listed on the first edition of the #BSRI, below are your badges that you can use to share the wisdom on your blog or any other media.

Source file Platinum badge: HD / LD

Source file Gold badge: HD / LD

Source file Silver badge: HD / LD

Source file Bronze badge: HD / LD

I hope we'll get more and more people on this index so that anyone from anywhere and in any situation can easily find similar bloggers so that he/she has appropriate information in order to get his/her financial life forward.

So, what was your savings rate in 2015?


"Your articles are great MP, but there are so many that I don't know where to start to achieve my financial freedom. What would you recommend?"

After 1 year of deep work, here is my answer condensed in a single work:

 4.53 (135 ratings)


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