Retrospective of my 14 goals of 2015

It's been such a long time since I didn't write that I feel like a student stressed by the exam blank sheet syndrome!
Does it remember you something?
Anyway, I've not left University years ago to get back to the same kind of constraints - I want to keep this blog something that I do because I want to, and not because I have to.

So let me first wish you all the best for the upcoming 2016 year.
I want you to be healthy. Happy. Then wealthy. In this very order.
You can be thankful if you've got the first item on your side. Be damn grateful if you get one or the two other bonuses, your life must be awesome!!!

Hey!!! Look at that! I just noticed I've found back my aptitute to put one word after the other!

OK so I wanted to discuss goals with you today actually.

Since one year, I entered the circle of people who wanna take control of their life and not only follow the flow. I get to think of what I'm dreaming about, what would make me really happy in this new year. Then I transform these dreams into SMART goals.

Let's analyze together my 2015 goals' results.

Goals 2015 Retrospective

1 - Average at least one blogpost per week Failed
Although I want to blame work because that's the main reason why I didn't reach these 47 blogposts (we've 5 weeks of holidays here in Switzerland), I can only assume my prioritization of job over the blog at some point during the year.
I nevertheless got 34 posts written in 2015, which is more than the double of what I wrote back in 2014. Not bad if I can keep up with this growth!!!

2 - Write between 15 and 30 minutes per weekday Failed
I started to track my habits in May '15 with the Way of Life iPhone app and it looks like I managed to reach 1/3 of this goal.
I'm a bit disappointed on one hand but on the other hand I'm really happy as I started to build a new habit which is to write every day during my morning commute.

3 - Propose RSS to readership Success
Done. You can subscribe to the Mustachian Post RSS feed by clicking this link.

4 - Setup a newsletter email for new blogposts published Failed
Didn't take the time to do it although it could bring you added value - and potentially more recurring readership for the blog!

5 - Have a first blogpost where reader's involvement is rewarded by something cool Success
Gosh, this one feels like it's been years ago! Summary in Q1 2015 goals update.

6 - Find another Swiss blogger who is seeking financial freedom Success
My fellow Swiss blogger can be found at
Cherry on the cake: I get more and more Swiss readers who comment on the articles which is very rewarding for me, as it means people in Switzerland are browsing, ending on the MP blog and actually reading the stuff I do write!

7 - Have "Early Retirement in Switzerland" ebook written, ready to be proofread by family and readers who subscribed early to buy it Failed
Hmmm hmmm... While I started the project, I got lost on the way because the topic is too vague for myself to see where I head to.
I've decided to stop it for now on, and think of a better format to share my learnings in details about Financial Independence in Switzerland.
I'm thinking of very focused online courses. Or small ebooks.
The idea(s) and motivation are still here, I just have to refine the vision, the business model and the format.

8 - Average 40% of monthly savings Failed
We were close, but we failed.
Nevertheless, we still managed to reach a decent 2015 savings rate of 37.2%.

9 - Reach CHF 122'000 CHF 162'000 of net worth to support mid-term goal Success
We made it!!!
As explained last year, a change in how we compute our net worth helped us succeed this goal too easily. Hence the CHF 162'000 target raise!
We anyway ended the year with around 170k of net worth!

10 - Max out our two household 3rd pillars Success
Done. As in DONE.

11 - Read either "Your money or your life" or "A Random Walk Down Wall Street" Failed
Although I started to read "Your Money or Your Life" during our Canadian holiday, I didn't finish it.
Main reason was crazy work period at job during Q3-Q4 2015, as well as the fact that I got hooked in another book called "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up", also known as the "KonMari method".
As we are moving to our newly purchased home soon, I knew this book was for me the moment I've read its cover! Must read! Book review to come soon!

12 - Read "Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less" Success
I finished this book so quickly. It's definitely a must read!
It's also from this point in time that I decided to abandon the usual book reviews to share with you my feedbacks. I instead opted for a format in which I write down all the real life action points (an example here) I implemented during and after reading the book.

13 - Read "The Miracle Morning" Failed
I bought the book and it is waiting for me to start it!
It will be for my 2016 reading list - I'm really motivated to dive into it after my fellow UK blogger Huw Davies recommended to read it too.

14 - Go to sport training once a week Failed
Autumn, then winter coming. Factor in the overload of work. And you get a MP completely out of track when it comes to sport...
I've set myself the deadline to get back on track once we've moved in our new home so I don't get the excuse to drop out because we changed location - or how to trick yourself!

Here we are. One of my main challenge in 2016 will be to track more closely my personal goals as I do with my professional todos.

And you, how were your 2015 goals? Failures? Successes?

Side note: pssst, did you notice? It's my 50th blogpost!!! Champagne!


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