Mr. 1500 in the "Richest Blogger Single Advice" series

During summer 2015, I was wondering how I could get relevant external advices on how to become rich - let's say 1 million dollar is a good start.
As many books describe it, one of the best way to achieve something big in a specific area is to learn from the people who master this very area.
Hence, I introduced the "Richest Blogger Single Advice" series in which I interview the Richest Bloggers out there.
I based my choice on the famous Net Worth Tracker from my US fellow J. Money.

Last time, we featured Justin from with whom we discussed about patience in order to cross this 1M$ mark!

Today, it's time for the now famous Mr. 1500 from (second US guy of this serie, from sunny Colorado) to answer THE question: "How can I be rich like a millionaire as you managed to do it?".

Mr. 1500 single advice to build wealth

Strive for rationality.
The single most important thing in life is to be as rational as you can possibly be. Use your brain to come up with your own thoughts based on sound logic, reasoning and science. Ignore the media. Ignore stock tips from screaming people on TV. Ignore the advice from the unwise. Ignore the advice from the ignorant. Ignore the advice from people with ulterior or corrosive motives.

Always be seeking wisdom to add to your mental framework. This isn't easy to do and takes a strong filter. Follow the great teachers from the past and present; Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Charlie Munger come to mind for me. Acknowledge that these people had (and have) some of the greatest minds that ever lived and devour their teachings. However, that is just the starting point.

Throughout your life, never stop in your pursuit of knowledge, reason and rationality. Continue to identify teachers in your daily life, books and history. Again, don't forget that filter.

Having a strong, rational mind will serve you well. You'll be a better parent, passing your wisdom on to your children. You'll be a better neighbor, thoughtful and wise. You'll be a better citizen of the Earth.

Oh wait, the original question was how to be a millionaire. There is no better tool for a financial mind than rationality. In my completely amateur estimate, 99% of the stuff published in the Money Media is garbage. A rational mind will allow you to filter out that trash. You'll learn that people like Mr. Money Mustache (lifestyle design), Jim Collins (investing) and the Frugalwoods (all around great people) are worthy of your attention and emulation. You'll follow their teachings and live the best and happiest life. And perhaps, you'll even become a millionaire.

Stay Rational my Friends.

Note from MP

Amen :)

Next interview : YOU

For the fifth post in the serie, I'm still looking for YOU, the one that made it up to the 1M$ net worth!
If you're interested to be featured in the next article of this serie, please ping me on Twitter.


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