Savings rate for July 2015

I fear that you start to think that this is a fake blog since I keep repeating you this: "Didn't I tell you how 2015 will be a freaking damn great financial year?!?". But really, it is an amazing year!!!

July 2015 expenses

Below the average month due to the fact that we left for our Canada summer holiday a bit before the end of July.

Eating out
With the birthday of Mrs. MP and summer being around, we quite overspent this category. I also wasn't that motivated to prepare us something to eat everyday, which resulted in some (too) high expenses regarding lunches...

Quite a big month with some child check-up as well as some back check for me too. Add to that some drugs refill - we should now be set for some months hopefully!

Like the "Eating Out" category, we went visiting some friends and took a trip for Mrs. MP's birthday within Switzerland. Very well spent money!

Refill the stamps stock, some swimming pool tickets and new shoes for me. Nothing savings rate breaker.

We started to prepare our children birthdays that are coming soon. And we also had two births within our family and close friends circles.
It's always a pleasure to give away presents to the ones you love most!

Same as for June, I had to buy some extra GB of data to finalize our new home purchase while commuting on the train. I really get crazy when I see Swiss telecommunication prices compared to French ones...

Children daycare fees
Same as usual although a bit more expensive due to school summer holiday.

New home!!!
Thankfully we were lucky enough to be able to buy our new home in Switzerland last month.
I don't really account that as an expense as it's more like a transfer of money and stays in our net worth but we're so happy about it that I had to talk about it again ;) I mean, it was a five figures down payment!

July 2015 incomes

As for June, July was even more crazy regarding income.
We had:

  • Our usual salaries
  • One unexpected job bonus on my side. Again!
  • One expected job bonus on my side
  • Payment of my trusteeship 2014 work (finally over since the beginning of 2015!!!)
  • Cash back from our Migros Cumulus MasterCard
  • Awaited healthcare reimbursement

July 2015 savings rate

With 1% more savings, we would have set a new record after the great January 2015.
Anyway, for the second time in the same year, we managed to reach the awesome savings rate of 59%!!!
Which brings our 2015 average to 39.6%.

What about your July month? Where are you standing on the BSRI 2015?


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