Savings rate for June 2015

Didn't I tell you that 2015 was going to be a damn great year?
Last weeks were so busy with our new home purchase that we even forgot to celebrate appropriately our outstanding June savings rate!

June 2015 expenses

Expensive month compared to usual. Mainly due to refill of stuff we buy in pack (beans, soap, etc.).

Eating out
We had a great week-end in Porto (Portugal) with friends which implied some more eating out. Overspent. For the better. Human relationship for the best!

Some scheduled appointment to take care of my back. Proactive vs. reactive care is always better.

It was also an overspent category in June with our trip to Portugal. But it was expected in YNAB, so all fine!

We had some unusual fees with the ASLOCA in order that they help us to get back some money that our property management made us pay as they weren't allowed to. Expect some more income in one of the next months!

June was father's day and some other birthdays in our family. Again, planned in YNAB. No issue, just more cash flowing around!

Damn Swiss prices... I had to buy extra GB of data in order to manage our new home purchase on the way... It should get back to normal in the next months though, now that we're all set.

Children daycare fees
Same as usual. No surprises.

Some expected fees for our Porto hotels. Was a great trip. The country is really amazing, I can't only advise you to visit it!

June 2015 incomes

This month was crazy regarding income.
We had:

  • Our usual salaries
  • An unexpected job bonus on my side!
  • Money from a lot of things we sold on our way to becoming a minimalist household
  • Many awaited healthcare reimbursements
  • Dividends

June 2015 savings rate

We almost exceeded our January 2015 record with an amazing 55% of savings rate.
It feels really great to be above the 50% mark even though we know it won't be like this every month.

What about your June month? Where are you standing on the BSRI 2015?

UPDATE 27.08.2015
Damn I just noticed that a wrong calculation happened and that my June's savings rate was only 48%... Sucks!


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