My Millionaire todo list

I've just learned that one of the most famous French scratch game of the nineties was stopped since 2011 so I won't have a chance to appear on TV (kidding).
As a young boy, I was secretly dreaming that I was the one spinning the wheel in front of the camera. My grandma would eventually bring me back to reality when asking to shut down the TV and come to eat...
Since then, I (thankfully) grew up and learnt that you are responsible to make your dreams happen. You and yourself. No one else will come and hold your hand to do that.
So let me tell you my plan to reach a stash of CHF 1 million!!!

My Millionaire's todo list

  • 1/ Max out our 2nd pillars (CHF 8'250/year)
  • 2/ Max out our pillars 3a every year (CHF 13'536/y)
  • 3/ Keep going up with the monthly savings, but at least CHF 1'800/m
  • 4/ Automatically save and invest 13th salaries, bonuses, salary raises (CHF 15'000/y)
  • 5/ Add and combine Minimalist lifestyle to my Mustachian one and sell unecessary and non-essential stuff (more infos and numbers about that soon)

I will become a Millionaire by the time I'm 45

This is somewhat crazy when you think about it: be a millionaire! Until I entered the Mustachian world, I thought this was a dream like many others... This was until I took control, organize, and make the dream happening!
Many people would be jealous or envious of such a plan but there is no need to!
They can, or should I say YOU can become a millionaire in less than 20 years.
And as you see in the list above, there is no gamblings or magic implied. Only numbers and additions, with some compound interests. And boooom! There you go with 1 million stashed!!!

The Million Dollar Club

In order to show you that this idea isn't only a MP's dream, go and check the J's Million Dollar Club page to see how many people are on track to be millionaires too!
You can be a millionaire one day as well! Seriously! You just need to get started with a plan and let the money accumulate and grow!

Are you willing and ready to be part of the Million Dollar Club? Or maybe you're already on track with this goal?


"Your articles are great MP, but there are so many that I don't know where to start to achieve my financial freedom. What would you recommend?"

After 1 year of deep work, here is my answer condensed in a single work:

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