Savings rate for December 2014

First of all, let me wish you a very happy new year with this first blogpost of 2015! I feel confident that it's gonna be an awesome one!!!
Most important: enjoy your healthy life as much as you can. And make sure to preserve it as much as you preserve your financial freedom dream!

Back to numbers: again, we were on diet with children daycare fees thanks to family coming to visit us and taking care of the two little monsters - or how to combine fun family time with building wealth! Who said money and budgeting was boring for people caring only about their wallet.

The other income source came from the tax administration. I love this end of year period where all bills I budgeted for via YNAB (referral link) are paid in one click via the ebanking. It's just a pure pleasure for the budget geek I am to see that balance hit perfectly the CHF 0.00 and that we are back on track to start an awesome new year, with all bills paid! No worries, no cold sweats; just peace in the household financial world.
Thanks mainly to children daycare expenses and 3rd pillar investments, we got back CHF 2'264.50 of tax deductions that helped us to finish building our CHF 10'000 emergency fund. Hooray, right in time before 2015!

These two main factors raised the savings rate above the 50% psychological barrier for the second time this year! To be accurate, with all our December incomes, we did hit 52% of savings rate!
Short note about my November 2014 savings rate report, I actually didn't setup a record because the real one is 53% and was reached earlier in June 2014. I just checked my spreadsheet too quickly last time...
I anyway hope that you already enjoyed once being on the other side of the first 50 percents - it feels so good!!!

Talking about you, how was you December? Hopefully you had good times with your family and friends for Christmas and New Year Eve.
Did you reach some savings rate record for the last month of 2014?


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